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Bomb Tower


Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower Info

"Bomb Towers bombard nearby ground troops and go up in a big BOOM when destroyed! Melee units best stand clear!"

Bomb Towers are is a defensive building that makes splash damage on ground troops.

Unlocked on Town Hall 8, it was added to the game in 2016.


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  2. 2. Special Ability: Giant Bomb
  3. 3. Range
  4. 4. Upgrading Bomb Towers
  5. 5. Tips & Tricks
  6. 6. Number Available
  7. 7. Stats
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Bomb Tower Explained

The Bomb Tower consists of a tower with a Bomber on top of it, who throws bombs on ground troops.

With an attack speed of 1.1 seconds, it's a quite fast defense, however, the damage per second is fairly low and affects mainly weak and medium troops in large quantities.

Special Ability: Giant Bomb

The main feature of the Bomb Tower is its special ability: upon destruction, the Wall Breaker drops one last bomb, however, this time is a giant bomb that deals a good amount of damage.

The damage of this giant bomb is about 5x the damage of its regular attack and it's even more powerful than the trap Giang Bomb.

This bomb affects only ground troops; air units are not affected.


Bomb Tower has a relatively short range of 6 tiles. Only enough, it doesn't have a dead-zone around similar to other splash-damage buildings such as Mortars and Scattershots.

The bombs from the regular attack affect a small area of 1.5 tiles, making splash-damage.

The giant bomb dropped upon destruction has a larger radius of 2.75 tiles.

Upgrading Bomb Towers

Upgrading Bomb Towers improves the damage of the main attack, the damage from the bomb dropped when destroyed, and the building hit points.

Tips & Tricks

The bomb Tower is very effective against Hog Riders and Miners. Placing one of even 2 Giant Bombs next to this defense can make it even more deadly to these troops.

There is a short delay between the destruction of the building and the explosion of the bomb. Unfortunately, this delay is not long enough for Miners to bury themselves again, so they can be killed by the blast.

Bomb Tower is also effective against other smaller troops. It does a great job killing Skeletons from Witches and Archers and Barbarians summoned by the Archer Queen and Barbarian King.

Number Available

Town Hall Level1234567891011121314
Number Available00000001122222


Clash of Clans
Attack Speed
Clash of Clans
Damage Type
Clash of Clans
Unit Type Targeted
Clash of Clans
6 tiles1.1sSplash - 1.5 tilesGround

Upgrade Chart

Clash of Clans
Damage per Second
Clash of Clans
Damage per Shot
Clash of Clans
Damage When Destroyed
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Build Time
Clash of Clans
Experience Gained
Clash of Clans
Town Hall Level Required
Clash of Clans
22830.81807001,500,0001d 12h3608

Upgrade Images

Level 1Level 2
Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower | Level 1
Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower | Level 2
Level 3Level 4
Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower | Level 3
Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower | Level 4
Level 5Level 6
Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower | Level 5
Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower | Level 6
Level 7Level 8
Clash of Clans | Bomb Tower | Level 7
Clash of Clans | Home Village | Defenses | Bomb Tower | Level 8
Level 9
Clash of Clans | Home Village | Defenses | Bomb Tower | Level 9

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