Giga Inferno - Town Hall 13


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Giga Inferno is a multi-target defensive building integrated on the Town Hall level 13.

Unlocked with the Town Hall 13, it was added to the game in 2019 with this new Town Hall level on the Winter Update.


  1. 1. Giga Inferno Explained
  2. 2. Special Ability: Haze of Ice
  3. 3. Range
  4. 4. Upgrading the Giga Inferno
  5. 5. Tips & Tricks

Giga Inferno Explained

Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno

The Giga Inferno is a multi-target Inferno Tower placed inside the Town Hall.

Just as the Giga Tesla from the Town Hall 12, the Giga Inferno is activated when the enemy attacks it or when the village gets 51% of destruction.

Town Hall 13 is not considered a defensive building before the activation of the Giga Inferno. Hog Riders, Balloons, Giants, and Golems will not target the building until the Giga Inferno emerges.

The hidden bomb from the Giga Tesla is still present, so destroying a Town Hall 13 will drop a Giang Bomb that causes 1,000 of splash damage.

Special Ability: Haze of Ice

Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno Explosion
Level 3 Giga Inferno about to explode and release the Haze of Ice

Starting on level 3, the Giga Inferno will release a "Haze of Ice" on the battlefield when destroyed.

This Haze of Ice will slow down the movement and attack speed of enemy troops. It will not completely stop them as a Freeze Spell, just slow them down.

Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno Freeze
Barbarian King affected by the Haze of Ice

There is currently no way to stop the Haze of Ice. Even the Grand Warden Eternal Tome can't prevent your troops from being slow down by the haze.


Once activated, the Giga Inferno has a range of 10 tiles, the same range as the Giga Tesla.

Upgrading the Giga Inferno

To unlock the Giga Inferno you must upgrade your Town Hall to level 13, which requires a Town Hall 12 with a Giga Tesla level 5.

Once your Town Hall 13 is unlocked, it will automatically switch the Giga Tesla level 5 to a Giga Inferno level 1. Both defenses have the same damage per second on these levels, so upgrading your Town Hall will not nerf this defense.

Upgrading your Giga Inferno increases its damage, hit points and adds the Haze of Ice bonus effect.

Starting on level 3, the Giga Inferno gets the bonus effect "Haze of Ice" when destroyed. Upgrading the Giga Inferno further increases this bonus effect.

The number of targets and the damage from the

You can quickly identify the level of the Giga Inferno by looking at the roman number on the side of it.

Tips & Tricks

The Giga Inferno is very similar to the multi-target Inferno Tower but more powerful and with an explosion when destroyed.

If you are attacking with Balloons or Hog Riders, you can manually activate the Giga Inferno with Spells (usually Earthquake Spell). If your troops are close to the Town Hall, it's a good idea to take this opportunity and destroy it. If they pass by and later on the Giga Inferno is activated, they might not come back so soon and the Giga Inferno might kill them all.

There is no way to protect your troops from the Haze of Ice, not even with the Eternal Tome from the Grand Warden. However, just like the Giga Tesla, it's a great idea to use the Eternal Tome to protect your troops from the damage of the explosion.