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"Clans are an optional feature in Clash of Clans, but it is strongly recommended that every player should join a Clan. Collaboration is a very important and helpful aspect of this game."


  1. 1. Invalid Clan Names
  2. 2. Inactive Clan Leader
  3. 3. Clan Ranks
  4. 4. Clan Roles:

Invalid Clan Names

If you're trying to create a Clan but the game tells you its name is invalid, you must try something else. The one you attempted either began with, or contained a special character (or emoji), or contained a string of characters black-listed in one of the many languages Clash of Clans supports.

Inactive Clan Leader

When a Clan Leader hasn't logged into Clash of Clans for 90 days, the game selects a new Leader automatically.

Members, as well as the Leader, are notified throughout the rotation process via messages in the game.

  • 60 days of inactivity:
    • An in-game message is sent to the entire Clan, informing that the highest-ranking and longest-serving active member will be the new Leader.
  • 74 days of inactivity:
    • A screen notification is sent to the Leader.
  • 83 days of inactivity:
    • A second screen notification is sent to the Leader.
    • A second in-game message is sent to the entire Clan.
    90 days of inactivity
    • The new Leader is appointed.

Clan Ranks

Trophy Rank in Clan (Members)% of Trophies that Count Towards Score

Clan Roles:

Clan RolesAbility to inviteAbility to kickAbility to promoteEdit Clan informationSend messages to all playersStart wars
ElderYesYes (to members only, every 20 minutes)NoNoNoNo
Co-LeaderYesYes (to elders and members)Yes (to elders and members)YesYesYes
LeaderYesYes (to any member)Yes (to any member)YesYesYes