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CLASH-A-RAMA! is an original comedy series based on your favorite Clash of Clans and Clash Royale characters. It takes viewers inside the Village and Arena to see what life is like between battles.


  1. 1. Season 1
    1. 1.1. 01. Giant vs. Giant Problem
    2. 1.2. 02. University of Goblin
    3. 1.3. 03. Hog Rider Rides Again
    4. 1.4. 04. 12 Days of Clashmas
    5. 1.5. 05. Ballad of the Barbarian
    6. 1.6. 06. A Knight to Remember
    7. 1.7. 07. The Barbarians Red Balloon
    8. 1.8. 08. Goblin's Eleven
    9. 1.9. 09. Bowlers Anonymous!
    10. 1.10. 10. Wiz Con!
  2. 2. Season 2
    1. 2.1. E00. A Clashiversary Tale
    2. 2.2. E01. 'Twas The Night Before Clashmas
    3. 2.3. E02. The Clash Cup
    4. 2.4. E03. How The Other Half Clashes
    5. 2.5. E04. Miner Problem
    6. 2.6. E05. Go Sparky Go!
    7. 2.7. E06. The Clashmaker
    8. 2.8. E07. The Fourth Musketeer
    9. 2.9. E08. Rocket's Red and Blue Glare
    10. 2.10. E09. Bringing Up Baby Dragon
    11. 2.11. E10. Every Hog Has Its Day
    12. 2.12. 11. Clash-A-Lot The Musical
  3. 3. Season 3
    1. 3.1. E01. Clone Alone
    2. 3.2. E02. Donny and the Spell Factory
    3. 3.3. E03. Pork-Tergeist
    4. 3.4. E04. Lost in Donation
    5. 3.5. E05. I'll Be Home For Christmas
    6. 3.6. E06. Archer Departure
  4. 4. CLASH-A-RAMA Shorts (After Season 3)
    1. 4.1. E01. Clash of P.E.K.K.As
    2. 4.2. E02. Clashmas Special

Season 1

01. Giant vs. Giant Problem


Release Date: 8 Dec. 2016

Storyline: A giant that attacks walls rather than anything else wants to earn back dignity and respect by training and facing a level 10 cannon.

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02. University of Goblin

Length: 10:11

Release Date: 8 Dec. 2016

Storyline: Goblins are being taught so they don't have to steal any more whereas the archers are involved in a shooting competition.

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03. Hog Rider Rides Again


Release Date: 15 Dec. 2016

Storyline: A giant wants to make friendship with archers as they have cool and amazing conversation but however archers are not interested to let him join. Meanwhile a hog rider and builder makes a deal of giving builder a new hammer and hog rider a new hog.

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04. 12 Days of Clashmas

Length: 9:08

Release Date: 23 Dec. 2016

Storyline: Two builders finds a Santa's surprise spell while upgrading spell factory. They decide to sell it in exchange of plenty of gems and started dreaming about village with plenty of gems. However before selling it, one builder drinks it accidentally.

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05. Ballad of the Barbarian

Length: 9:54

Release Date: 29 Dec. 2016

Storyline: A barbarian lost his sword in the battle and is disheartened, will he get his sword back?

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06. A Knight to Remember

Length: 11:13

Release Date: 6 Jan. 2017

Storyline: A knight falls in love with the archer tower queen. However her dad won't allow them to be together. Whereas in other village, all the villagers are eagerly waiting to see the new troop.

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07. The Barbarians Red Balloon

Length: 11:30

Release Date: 13 Jan. 2017

Storyline: Two barbarians steal the red balloon only to be remembered by their next generation barbarians. However neither knows how to fly this thing.

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08. Goblin's Eleven

Length: 11:40

Release Date: 20 Jan. 2017

Storyline: Goblins decide to steal all the elixir which the town has preserved for upgrading their laboratory. Will they succeed?

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09. Bowlers Anonymous!

Length: 11:08

Release Date: 26 Jan. 2017

Storyline: A bowler loves to bowl however it creates chaos inside the villages. Bowler promises not to touch the bowl for whole month.

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10. Wiz Con!

Length: 10:43

Release Date: 3 Feb. 2017

Storyline: Roy builds beautiful sculptures in the village. However during an enemy raid, enemies takes that statue with them. On the other side all the wizards are gearing for a wizard contest.

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Season 2

E00. A Clashiversary Tale

Length: 8:07

Release Date: 1 Sep. 2017

Storyline: A Village celebrates Clash of Clans' fifth Clashiversary, but can't remember how they acquired their Ancient Skull. They probe the memories of a Helpful Villager, a Wall Breaker and a Builder, but they all have different recollections about the Skull's origins, including one memory that seems to involve puppets. Will the Village ever find out the truth?

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E01. 'Twas The Night Before Clashmas

Length: 12:12

Release Date: 22 Dec. 2017

Storyline: While a Baby Dragon is trapped home alone, the Red and Blue Kings try to maintain a Clashmas truce. And in the realm of holiday romance, Jaakko the Wizard has a special question to pop to his girlfriend - hopefully Santa doesn't ruin it.

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E02. The Clash Cup

Length: 11:53

Release Date: 14 Jul. 2018

Storyline: Countries compete for The Clash Cup. Can Jaakko the Wizard cobble together a misfit team of other countries' rejects and beat his brother for the Championship? Probably.

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E03. How The Other Half Clashes

Length: 11:05

Release Date: 10 Aug. 2018

Storyline: Rumors of a sunken treasure send a Wizard on a deep ocean expedition. A Village's troops goes on strike, forcing a Barbarian King and Archer Queen to improvise. Plus, how to make a Golem.

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E04. Miner Problem

Length: 11:42

Release Date: 17 Aug. 2018

Storyline: A bullied Wall Breaker gains some new friends, Miners are trapped in an epic collapse of their own making, and a shrunken Giant gets a new perspective on life.

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E05. Go Sparky Go!

Length: 11:34

Release Date: 24 Aug. 2018

Storyline: A Hog Rider and his Hog hit a rough patch in their relationship, and an Archer and Valkyrie ride a refurbished Sparky to a string of victories.

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E06. The Clashmaker

Length: 11:38

Release Date: 31 Aug. 2018

Storyline: No one will attack a Village, so an Archer Queen enlists a matchmaker's help. An Archer and a Builder are accidentally trapped outside a shield, and a documentary crew follows a King as he constructs his Royale Deck.

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E07. The Fourth Musketeer

Length: 10:55

Release Date: 7 Sep. 2018

Storyline: A young Giant is flung into enemy territory and must find a way home. A Hog Rider and a Golem swap bodies, and a Musketeer fan girl meets her heroes, but then quickly upstages them.

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E08. Rocket's Red and Blue Glare

Length: 11:33

Release Date: 14 Sep. 2018

Storyline: A Village trades its P.E.K.K.A for Dark Elixir, while a Space Race has the Clash Royale Arena on edge. A donated Dragon and an Archer discover their true Village, and a Miner gets the ultimate chance to win a battle.

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E09. Bringing Up Baby Dragon

Length: 11:11

Release Date: 21 Sep. 2018

Storyline: A slow Giant learns speed comes at a price, and a stray Baby Dragon gets adopted by a Clash Royale King. Meanwhile, a Lumberjack finds himself out in the cold when a King favors a new P.E.K.K.A.

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E10. Every Hog Has Its Day

Length: 11:32

Release Date: 28 Sep. 2018

Storyline: A Barbarian tries to rise above his limitations, and a Hog Rider and his Hog are washed away to a foreign land. Meanwhile, a young Bomber tries to survive the trials of Bomber Academy.

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11. Clash-A-Lot The Musical

Length: 11:30

Release Date: 5 Oct. 2018

Storyline: A King won't listen to his Princess daughter's battle plans, so she runs away to the battlefield to find a group that will appreciate her thoughts. And did we mention it's a musical?

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Season 3

E01. Clone Alone

Length: 19:59

Release Date: 26 Oct. 2018

Storyline: When an anxious Executioner is hit by a Clone Spell, his fearless Clone challenges his worldview. Meanwhile, an Archer Queen tries to reconcile two estranged Witch sisters.

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E02. Donny and the Spell Factory

Length: 22:13

Release Date: 9 Nov. 2018

Storyline: A Builder's son dreams of becoming a Wizard, but gets more than he can handle when he cons his way into a Spell Factory job.

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E03. Pork-Tergeist

Length: 21:57

Release Date: 23 Nov. 2018

Storyline: Huggy, a down on his luck Hog salesman, discovers his Hog Lot is built atop a Royal Ghost's ancient lair. But how far will Huggy take the vengeful Ghost's advice?

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E04. Lost in Donation

Length: 22:05

Release Date: 7 Dec. 2018

Storyline: A frustrated Archer Queen donates away her best (but most difficult) Archer. When the Archer is kidnapped mid-donation, only the Archer Queen can bring her back.

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E05. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Length: 11:08

Release Date: 21 Dec. 2018

Storyline: A Valkyrie loses her way during a Clashmas Eve attack, and must rely on the help of a chattering Miner to get home in time for Clashmas.

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E06. Archer Departure

Length: 19:59

Release Date: 18 Jan. 2019

Storyline: In this season finale of Clash-A-Rama, an ambitious Princess is upstaged when the mysterious Magic Archer is added to her Deck, so she sets off to remove him from the competition.

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CLASH-A-RAMA Shorts (After Season 3)

E01. Clash of P.E.K.K.As

Length: 2:10

Release Date: 25 June 2019

Storyline: If imitation is the best form of flattery, then our heroic Barbarian King is giving P.E.K.K.A the biggest compliment of her life. In this contest of iron-packed peacockery, there are only winners. Unless...

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E02. Clashmas Special

Length: 3:03

Release Date: 25 Dec 2019

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