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Heroes are a special type of troop on Clash of Clans, featuring unique abilities and being immortal.


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Heroes Explained

There are currently 5 Heroes on Clash of Clans, 4 on your Home Village:

And 1 on the Builder Base:

Unlocking Heroes

Different from other troops, Heroes are not unlocked by upgrading the Barracks or Dark Barracks.

To unlock a Hero, you must build the respective altar on your base. Each Hero requires a different Town Hall level to unlock the altar:

Heroes Gameplay

Heroes have a very unique gameplay: they are immortal troops, which means they don't have to be trained each time to be used on the battles.

Instead of dying, they are put to "sleep" when they run out of HP. After the battle, each hero automatically regenerates their life over time, a process that can take up to 49 minutes and doesn't cost anything. The higher level the Hero still, the longer it takes to regenerate their life.

Starting on level 5, each Hero also features a unique ability that can be manually activated during the battles.

All heroes from the Home Village can use their ability once. If you forget to activate the ability and the Hero is about to die, the game will automatically activate the ability, which can give him some extra lifetime depending on the Hero.

The Battle Machine, only Hero from the Builder Base, can use his ability multiple times during battles. When the ability is used, a timer shows up displaying when you can activate his ability again.

Upgrading Heroes

Different from all other troops, Heroes are not upgraded on the Laboratory, they are improved by upgrading their respective altar.

This requires a free Builder and they can't be used while their altar is being upgraded.

The upgrades can cost Elixir, Dark Elixir of Builder Gold, depending on the Hero.

Some heroes have up to 50 levels and it can take a long time max them out. Having so many levels and being so important on the game, they are always the highest upgrade priority. As soon as you finish them, the better.


Clash of Clans | Home Village | Gameplay | Hero Skins |

Hero Skins were introduced on the Spring 2019 update and can be obtained by purchasing the Gold Pass and completing enough tasks on the Season Challenges. Every Season Challenges will reward a unique skin to a hero and a new Gold Pass must be purchased.

Skins don't affect stats or gameplay; it is an aesthetic item that will not improve the Hero in any way.

How to Unlock Hero Skins

To unlock an exclusive hero skin, you must buy the U$5 Gold Tier for the Season and complete enough challenges to get this reward.

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Gameplay | Season Challenges | Gladiator Skin Unlocked
Final reward unlocked: Gladiator King skin!

Every Season will reward an exclusive skin that can be kept forever.

The first skin available was the Gladiator King for the Barbarian King. The second was the Gladiator Queen for the Archer Queen.

For more information about Seasons, Tiers, costs, and rewards, visit our Season Challenges guide.

Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway

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