Magic Items Explained


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"Magic Items have wonderful powers ranging from helping you with upgrades to boosting various things in your village and army."

Magic Items are special items with mysterious powers that grant you an immediate benefit.


  1. 1. What Are Magic Items
  2. 2. Obtaining Magic Items
  3. 3. Storage
  4. 4. Expiration

What Are Magic Items

Magic Items are special items with unique abilities. There are currently 6 types of Magic Items on the game:

Obtaining Magic Items

All Magic Items, except for Magic Hammers, can be obtained on the Shop (with real money), Trader, Season Challenges, Clan Games and special events.

Magic Hammers are the most powerful items on the game and can only be obtained on the League Shop.


Your Magic Items inventory is located on the Town Hall and Builder Hall.

There is a limit of each Magic Item you can save on your inventory.

If you get a free Magic Item on Clan Games or Season Challenges for example, you must have room on your inventory or you will not be able to collect the item.

However, Magic Items purchased directly from the Shop with money will be delivered regardless of room on your inventory, so it's technically possible to hold dozens of repeated Books, for example.


Once the Magic Item is placed on your inventory, it will not expire and can't be lost.

However, Clan Games and Season Challenges rewards will expire if you don't collect them.

When the Clan Games are over you have 7 days to claim your rewards.

Season Challenges are different, all rewards must be collected during the season. When the season ends another one starts right away, so all uncollected rewards will be automatically lost.