Shovel of Obstacles


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Shovel of Obstacles is a Magic Item introduced on the 2018 Winter Update.


  1. 1. Gameplay
  2. 2. Obtaining the Shovel of Obstacles
  3. 3. How to Use the Shovel of Obstacles
  4. 4. Cheap Alternative


The Shovel of Obstacles has the ability to move any obstacle on your village, including special ones (Christmas trees and Gem Box).

You can also move special obstacles located at the borders of your village, making this a very special tool.

With the Shovel of Obstacles, you will finally be able to fix the position of the special obstacles that spawned at the wrong place.

Each Shovel can move a single obstacle.

Obtaining the Shovel of Obstacles

Clash of Clans Cost

The Shovel of Obstacles are commonly obtained for free on Clan Games and Season Challenges.

However, it might appear randomly on the Daily Discounts barrack for 500 Gems and special packages at the shop costing real money.

How to Use the Shovel of Obstacles

1. Tap on the item you would like to move. If you have a Shovel of Obstacle available, the option to use it will appear:

Clash of Clans Xmas Tree Moved

2. Move the obstacle to the place you want:

Clash of Clans Xmas Tree Moved
Christmas Tree being moved by the Shovel of Obstacles

3. Confirm the change. This is the moment that you actually use the Shovel of Obstacle. Once you confirm there is no way to moving the obstacle again without spending another Shovel:

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Magic Items | Shovel of Obstacles | Shovel of Obstacles Confirmation

Cheap Alternative

Clash of Clans Cheap Alternative

The Shovel of Obstacles is a great tool but not really necessary. You don't need to spend gems or money to get the obstacle on the place you want.

To force the obstacles to spawn at the border all you have to do is a base without any 2x2 empty space. The obstacles require a 2x2 space to spawn. If there isn't any room available, it will be forced to spawn at the border.