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Electro Owl zaps enemy defenses into dust from great distance. He's mostly made of feathers though, so better keep him well protected!

Electro Owl is a Pet that can be taken to the battle with a Hero. It was introduced with the 2021 Spring Update.


  1. 1. Electro Owl Explained
  2. 2. Special Ability: High Voltage
  3. 3. Unlocking and Requirements
  4. 4. Strategies and Favorite Hero Usage
  5. 5. Strategies
  6. 6. Stats
  7. 7. Upgrade Chart
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Electro Owl Explained

Home Village | Pets | Electro Owl

Electro Owl is an air unit the flies alongside the Hero it was assigned to.

She can target ground and air units and has the same range as its Hero.

She is the only Pet with a favorite target of Heroes

Special Ability: High Voltage

Electro Owl's attack bounces to a nearby target.

The Electro Own's Special Ability allows her attack to bounce to nearby buildings, exactly the same as the Electro Dragon and the Super Wizard.

It will only bounce once, hitting the next nearby building.

It can bounce and chain to a building that is up to one tile apart.

Unlocking and Requirements

The Electro Owl is unlocked once you upgrade the Pet House to level 2, which requires a Town Hall 14.

All Pets are upgraded on the Pet House with Dark Elixir and they can't be used/assigned while upgrading.

Leveling up the Electro Owl increases its Damage Per Second and Hit Points.

Strategies and Favorite Hero Usage

Electro Owl's range is the same as the Hero it is assigned. For this reason, she works better with long-range heroes such as the Grand Warden.

Being a flying unit, be careful as the Air Defenses might outrange the Electro Owl's range, similar to Healers.



Preferred Target
Clash of Clans HUD
Clash of Clans HUD
Attack Type
Clash of Clans HUD
Movement Speed
Clash of Clans HUD
Attack Speed
Clash of Clans HUD
Pet House Level Required
Clash of Clans HUD
Clash of Clans HUD
Special Ability
Clash of Clans HUD
Heros TargetGround and AirChain Lightning201.43s21-7 tiles, depends on HeroHigh Voltage

Upgrade Chart

Clash of Clans HUD
Damage per Second
Clash of Clans HUD
Damage per Hit (Primary Target)Secondary Chain Damage
Clash of Clans HUD
Clash of Clans HUD
Upgrade Cost
Clash of Clans HUD
Upgrade Time
Clash of Clans HUD
5120172137.62,000180,0005d 12h
7130186.3149.042,200210,0006d 12h
9140200.6160.482,400240,0007d 12h

Upgrade Images

Level 1-10
Home Village | Pets | Electro Owl

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