Siege Machines Explained


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Siege Machines are a special troop that can be used to carry and deploy your Clan Castle troops on the battlefield.


  1. 1. How to Use
  2. 2. Obtaining
  3. 3. Upgrading

How to Use

Siege Machines have very unique gameplay: they are used to transport and deploy the Clan Castle troops you received as a donation on the battlefield.

There are currently 7 Siege Machines on the game and they perform this task in a different way:

Once the Siege Machine is destroyed by enemy defenses, all Clan Castle troops will be released on the battlefield. This can also be done manually if you want to release the troops on a specific part of the enemy village.

Siege Machines can be deployed even if you don't have any Clan Castle troops donated inside.


Siege Machines can be built on Siege Workshop, which requires a Town Hall 12.

However, Siege Machines can also be donated. Starting on Clan Castle level 6, which requires a Town Hall level 10, you can request to your clanmates Siege Machines as donations.


All Siege Machines must be upgraded in the Laboratory, just like all other troops on the game.

All upgrades are done with Elixir.