Stone Slammer


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Stone Slammer is a flying Siege Machine unlocked on Town Hall 12.


  1. 1. Stone Slammer Explained
  2. 2. Upgrading the Stone Slammer
  3. 3. How to use the Stone Slammer
  4. 4. Battle Blimp vs Stone Slammer
  5. 5. Stats
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Stone Slammer Explained

Stone Slammer is a heavy-duty flying mountain ready to bring devastation on your opponent. Unlike its other Siege Machine siblings, the Stone Slammer does not fly directly towards the enemy Town Hall.

It can only be built by Town Hall 12 users (Workshop level 3), but it can be donated to Clan Castles level 6 and higher, which requires a Town Hall 10.

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Gameplay

The Stone Slammer targets enemy defenses and will proceed to drop massive stones causing massive damage to structures and will create subsequent earthquakes that do splash damage to surrounding targets.

Not targeting the Town Hall is a major change from other Siege Machines. This makes this Siege Machine kind of "Balloon" hero, making precision attacks much better and air attacks stronger than ever.

It deals up to 25x damage on Walls, creating huge gaps in the enemy village.

Clash of Clans Stone Slammer Siege Machine Gameplay

Like all other Siege Machines, the Stone Slammer is only available at Town Hall 12 when you upgrade your Siege Workshop to level 3. The Stone Slammer can be upgraded to a max Level 3.

Upgrading the Stone Slammer

Coming soon.

How to use the Stone Slammer

Once you have a Stone Slammer on your Army ready to go, you can deploy him on the battles just as the Clan Castle. You must choose between the Stone Slammer or the Clan Castle once the battle starts.

The Stone Slammer, just like all other Siege Machines, will carry the Clan Castle troops you received as donations. Once the Stone Slammer is destroyed all troops will be released.

Battle Blimp vs Stone Slammer

There are currently two flying Siege Machines on the game, but they work quite differently:

• Battle Blimp goes straight to the Town Hall. It is a very fast unit.

• Stone Slammer targets defenses, similar to Balloons.

• The Stone Slammer drops bombs dealing splash damage to the area. Because of the nature of the machine, it has almost twice the Hit Points of the Battle Blimp, working as a "Balloon Hero".

• Battle Blimp works as a support troop: it can carry a Lava Hound directly to the Town Hall. If it carries Balloons, it can destroy even a maxed TH 12 with the help of the Rage spell.


Preferred Target
Clash of Clans HUD
Attack Type
Clash of Clans HUD
Movement Speed
Clash of Clans HUD
Attack Speed
Clash of Clans HUD
Siege Workshop Level Required
Clash of Clans HUD
DefensesArea Splash 1 and 3 tile Radius (Ground Only)162.5s3

Training time

Building Time of Stone Slammer
Workshop availableWorkshop upgrading

Upgrade Chart

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per AttackDamage when DestroyedHitpointsResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level Required
Clash of Clans HUD
Hitbox 1Hitbox 2*
25001,250150-3005005,9004,200,0005d 12h10

Upgrade Images

Level 1Level 2
Clash of Clans | Stone Slammer | Level 1
Clash of Clans | Stone Slammer | Level 2
Level 3Level 4
Clash of Clans | Stone Slammer | Level 3
Clash of Clans | Stone Slammer | Level 4