Jump Spell


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The Jump Spell is an Elixir Spell unlocked by upgrading the Spell Factory to level 3, which requires a Town Hall level 9.

This spell was introduced with on the October 2012 Update (Halloween Update) with the Town Hall level 9.


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Jump Spell Explained

The Jump Spell creates a 3.5 tiles radius green ring on the battlefield where all troops inside will be able to jump over walls.

This spell has no effect of air troops, Hog Riders, Miners, Wall Breakers, and Grand Warden as they already can bypass walls.

All other troops, including Heroes, will be able to jump over walls while inside the radius of this spell.

Jump Spell Range

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Spells: Elixir | Jump Spell |

With a 7 tile diameter, however, a well-placed Jump Spell can make troops jump over walls with two 3x3 buildings of distance. 6 tiles of defenses + 2 wall sections are 8 tiles, but the troops will be able to jump the walls anyway, as long as the jump touches the walls on both sides.

There is no limit on how many walls the troops can jump with this spell, even if there are 2, 3, or even 4 rows of walls together. The troops will "walk" over the walls and exit on the other side without issues.

Upgrade Differences

Upgrading this spell increases its duration, up to 80 seconds on level 4.

With such a long duration sometimes you can calmly place the Jump Spell before the attack, during the countdown, and the troops will have plenty of time to use it.

How to Use the Jump Spell

Jump Spell can only be used to make troops jump over walls, creating a path to the core of the village.

On the first layer of walls outside the village, it's recommended to use Wall Breakers, as they have a low housing space and can save you a spell.

However, once the troops are inside the village it's nearly impossible to use Wall Breakers, so the Jump Spell is highly recommended to create a path to where you want them to go.


Clash of Clans HUD
Boost Time
Clash of Clans HUD
Housing Space
Clash of Clans HUD
Spell Factory Level Required
Clash of Clans HUD
3.5 tiles1s24

Brewing Time

Brewing Time of Jump Spell
Spell Factory availableSpell Factory upgrading

Upgrade Chart

Clash of Clans HUD
Spell Duration
Clash of Clans HUD
Research Cost
Clash of Clans HUD
Research Time
Clash of Clans HUD
Laboratory Level Required
Clash of Clans HUD
120 secondsN/AN/AN/A
240 seconds2,000,0004d5
360 seconds3,400,0006d8
480 seconds9,000,00011d 6h11
5100 seconds16,500,00016d 12h11