Beating the Donut


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• Donut or Square Base (depending on how it’s done), it’s a very popular base on war and push. To destroy it, we must understand the concept and create a strategy. Let’s do this!


• Basically the square base has a main core in the middle and 2 rings, or squares, around.

• The main core has the Town Hall and the most important defenses, such as the Eagle Artillery and X-Bows. The first ring (middle ring) is a defenseless ring. It can be filled with resource buildings or just let it with nothing at all. The last ring, outside, are the common defenses: Cannons, Archer Towers, etc.

• This concept was created a few years ago as an anti-hog base, but the idea still works on Golem attacks, so it is still very popular.

• How does it work? Simple: Golems and Balloon, like Hogs, follow defenses. By creating a defenseless ring, you will force these troops to do around your village, following the closest next defense. This is called the defense path, misleading the troops to the path the defender created, so the main defenses on the middle will be the last ones to be destroyed.

• This way the Golems/Hogs will only attack the main defenses on the middle after destroying everything around. But of course, they will probably die before that.



• Some clashers copy the layout but don’t quite understand how it works, so they might not make the defenseless ring the way it should. Look for an error on this ring, and if you find it, attack on that place, so the Golems will follow the path to the center of the village.

• Remember that Air Sweeper is a defense, not a trap, and will be attacked by Golems. Very common mistake. Another popular error is the Warden Hero. He is a troop unit attacking, but a defensive building on defense, so he will be attacked by Golems and Hogs!


• If there are no layout errors, let’s make the perfect attack to beat the perfect donut.

• To beat this village you basically must enter in 3 different spots. With Golems, the formation might use 3-5 Golems and 3-4 Jump spells or Earthquakes. You can use other formations, but the idea remains the same:

1. Enter in 2 spots on the sides, clearing the side defenses.

2. Once the distractions are cleared, release the main attack on the center, with the Heroes.

3. Use WB the break the first layer of walls and Jump Spells/EQs to open the paths inside.

4. This way the Golems should follow the path straight to the main core of the village, easily taking down the Town Hall and main defenses there.