Beginner's Guide


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  1. 1. Beginner's Guide
  2. 2. Rank System
  3. 3. Matchmaking
  4. 4. Loot
  5. 5. Farm
  6. 6. Push
  7. 7. Upgrades
  8. 8. Troop Upgrades
  9. 9. Spending Money and Gems

Beginner's Guide

Clash of Clash is a multiplayer strategy game. You build your own village and battle against other villages to get resources and Trophies. There are 3 games modes: Multiplayer, Single Player (Goblins) and Clan Wars. This page will be cover most Multiplayer topics. To Clan War tips, go to that page. To Goblins, go to the Single Player to see the unlocked maps.

Rank System

The Rank System is based on the number of Trophies you have. If you win a battle you will steal Trophies from your opponent. To each star you get 1/3 of the battle Trophies. You get one star by destroying the Town Hall, one by destroying 50% of the village and the last star by doing 100%.


Multiplayer matchmaking is based on Trophies and Town Hall level, except in Champions League and above, where only Trophies matter. The loot available is affected by Town Hall level. Players get reduced loot for attacking Town Halls of a lower level.


Even though you can lower your Trophy count to find easier targets, you must know that when you attack a village that has a lower Town Hall, you will suffer a loot penalty. For this reason it’s not recommended to lower too much your Trophies. This was made to protect low level players from the high level ones.

You can find the penalties on the Town Hall stats page. To find out how the Loot is calculated visit the page “Loot Calculation”.


Farm is when a player raid for resources and doesn’t care about Trophies. Usually these players lower their trophy count to battle in an easier environment and find easier villages to loot.


The opposite of farming. When a Clan starts a Trophy Push all members must protect their Town Hall and battle to get as many Trophies they can.


There isn’t a right order to upgrade, but since there is a penalty for attacking lower Town Hall villages and each time you upgrade the TH the cost for skip village increase, it’s strongly recommended to upgrade all your defenses before the Town Hall.

The main priorities are:

  1. Heroes.
  2. If you are TH11: Eagle Artillery.
  3. If you are TH 10: Inferno, X-Bows.
  4. If you are TH 9: X-Bows.
  5. Collectors, Mines, Drills.
  6. Mortars, Wizard Tower.
  7. Other defenses.
  8. Town Hall / Walls.

Laboratory should be always upgraded as soon as a new level is unlocked as well. Army Camps and Clan Castle are also important, but expensive, so there is no need to rush on higher levels, but keep it as a high priority.

Remember, Town Hall must be the last building to upgrade! There is a loot penalty for attacking lower levels of Town Hall, so each time you upgrade gets harder to steal resources. If you are not strong to battle the next level of Town Hall, you are not strong enough to upgrade it.

Some players also upgrade the walls before the Town Hall. This is a good idea, but unfortunately it takes too long to have maxed walls, so we don’t recommend because the game will get too slow.

More about this topic can be found on the “Upgrade Priorities” tutorial.

Troop Upgrades

A very common question is “what troop should I upgrade now?” The answer is simple: the troop you use the most! Upgrade troops that you actually use a lot. Archers, Giants, Wall Breakers. Leave expensive troops that you don’t really use to upgrade later. Also, if you have upgraded everything you use, start upgrading the things that you will use in 1 or 2 TH levels. Even though you will probably get more levels for those in the future, already having them high levels will make it easier to get them to even higher levels. (Example: You want to use dragons at TH8, and you’re a TH7. You should upgrade dragons to level 2 at TH7 so that dragons are already good when you start using them, and it’s easier to get them to level 3 quickly at TH8.) If you have a lot of extra elixir, do expensive upgrades that don’t take too much time.

Spending Money and Gems

If you are a beginner, our tip is: don’t spend, save to get all 5 builders. Raid for resources and keep them busy.

If you want to spend money the best use is to purchase the Gold Pass for the Season Challenges.