Clan Castle Troops


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What’s up Clashers! In this article we will take a look at the best and worst troops to defend your base on the Clan Castle.


  1. 1. Small Troops
  2. 2. Lava Hound and Balloons
  3. 3. P.E.K.K.A and Golem
  4. 4. Witches
  5. 5. Valks and Bowlers
  6. 6. Dragons, Baby Dragons and Electro Dragon
  7. 7. Formation Samples
  8. 8. Clan War

Small Troops

Overall not good troops, but they can be tricky to kill if the attacker doesn’t have a Poison Spell or splash damage troops. However, they can make a great distraction! For example, if the Queen is alone against 45 archers the attacker will be forced to use her ability, otherwise she will lose a lot of time killing them.

Lava Hound and Balloons

Great troops, but they don’t attack air troops, a major problem. If you are defending against an air attack, they will not leave the CC until the King gets close.

The Lava Hound has low DPS but a lot of hitpoints, creating great distraction and, after breaking, the Pups can be fatal to the Heroes. The problem? Useless against air attacks AND troops that don’t attack air troops. This is a huge problem against Bowlers and Valks. The Lava damage is so low it will not affect the Bowlers at all. The Lava might not break during the attack and will not make much damage, being completely useless.

Balloons, on the other hand, have great damage and even if the attacker uses Poison Spell, it will make damage when destroyed. It’s a great troop that can even cause great damage to the Heroes, but unfortunately they don’t target air troops. Since the housing space is fairly small, it’s always great to have a couple on the CC.

Fun tip: there is a small and fun combo to take care of the Lava on the CC: 2 Archers + 1 Healer. If you lure Lava to the corner, this combo will keep the Lava distracted during the entire attack. They will not be able to kill each other, remaining there forever.

P.E.K.K.A and Golem

Very slow and useless against air attacks, so not really recommended.

They are usually killed before making any damage, especially the P.E.K.K.A. The Golem can be used as a distraction as it will take a long time to kill him and the Golemites.


Love and hate troop. Some Clashers still like, but I don’t use that much. It can generate tons of skeletons, but she is usually killed pretty fast with the help of the Poison Spell.

However, when mixed with small troops they can be dangerous as the Poison Spell must be placed at the right time.

Valks and Bowlers

They can’t attack air troops but make great damage. Valks make splash damage and the Bowler makes damage in two different points.

Dragons, Baby Dragons and Electro Dragon

Great troops to have on the CC. Baby Dragon makes great damage using half the Dragon space. The Dragon can be very hard to kill. They are both great and it’s nice to mix them with ground troops.

The Electro Dragon uses a lot of space and has a very low fire rate, so it can be too slow to defend your village.

Formation Samples

Our favorite troops: Witches, Ice Golems, Dragons, Baby Dragons, and Balloons.

What to use? It depends on your Town Hall and the kind of attacks you are defending. Against ground attacks, I love Balloons and Golem. Against air attacks? Dragons, Baby Dragon, Wizards and Minions to fulfill the CC.

Here are some great formations for a maxed Clan Castle (45 spaces):

  • 2 Dragons + 1 Balloon: great against all attacks.
  • 3 Witches + 9 Archers: Poison Spell can kill the Witches, but mixing them with Archers can be tricky.
  • 45 Arches: it will take a long time to leave the Clan Castle. Bad timing on the Poison Spell can be fatal to the Queen Walk.
  • 3 Ice Golems: Poison Spell can be useless and the freeze ability can be super annoying.

Clan War

A quick tip for the Clan War CC: it’s not recommended to fill all CC with the same troops. This kills the “surprise element” as the enemy clan will realize all Clan Castles have the same troops after a few battles.