Clan War: Banned!


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• After many ban waves to players using cheats and exploits, Supercell decided to take the ban to the next level: temporary ban to Clans with members using cheats on Clan Wars. Yes, if a member of your Clan cheats the Clan War, that member will be banned from the game and all Clan will be suspended from Clan Wars.


• If a clan goes to War and one of its members uses mods, hacks or anything to take illegal advantage during war, this member will be permanently banned and the Clan will be banned from Clan Wars for 14 days.

• To find you what can cause you to get banned, check the “Fair Play” article here on the app.


• This ban created great controversy on the Clash community because many popular clans were banned, even though the Leaders and Co-Leaders claimed that they didn’t know about any cheater on the clan.

• Yes, this is a real issue: all clan will suffer the consequences from one single irresponsible member. Now it’s time to Leaders enforce Fair Play to all members.


• This Clan ban is the answer a new tactic that was taking over the Clan Wars: the use of “burner” accounts.

• To prevent being banned from the game, some “smart” clashers started using a new tactic to keep cheating: they create a new account, take that low level account to war, use it to exploit the War and get that account banned. By doing this, they can exploit the War without risking of ban on the main account.

• You can easily spot them during wars, they are very low level accounts (TH 3, 4) on high pro clans (TH 9, 10, 11).

• Now this should be over, not only those accounts will be banned, but all clan will suffer the consequences.