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Over the years many abbreviations were created by Clash of Clans fans. If you feel a bit lost sometimes, don’t worry, here is the informal Clash Glossary to help you:

• AD: Air Defenses.

• BAM: Barbarians + Archers + Minions.

• Balloonion: Balloons + Minions.

• Barb: Barbarian.

• Barch: Barbarian + Archer combo.

• BB: Boom Beach.

• CC: Clan Castle.

• CoC: Clash of Clans.

• CR: Clash Royale.

• Cups: Trophies.

• CW: Clan War.

• CWA: Clash with Ash (YouTuber).

• DE: Dark Elixir.

• DPS: Damage Per Second.

• EA: Eagle Artillery.

• EQ: Earthquake Spell.

• F2P: Free to Play.

• F2P Players: Players that don’t spend real money on the game.

• Farm: battle only to get resources, not trophies. The opposite of push.

• GoHo: Golem + Hogs.

• GoLaLoon: Golem + Lava + Balloons.

• Golden Hour: short period of time after maintenance breaks when the farm is really easy. See “Golden Hour” tutorial for more info.

• GoWiVa: Golem + Wizards + Valks.

• GoWiWi: Golem + Witches + Wizards.

• GiWiPe: Golem + Wizards + P.E.K.K.A.

• HVB: Hogs + Valks + Bowlers.

• HoB: House of Boomers (the app guide).

• HoC: House of Clashers (the app guide).

• HP: Hit Points, total life of a unit or troops.

• HR: House Royale (the app guide).

• IAP: In-App Purchase.

• IT: Inferno Tower.

• LavaLoonion: Lava + Balloons + Minions.

• PBT: Personal Break Time.

• Push: battle hard to get trophies, not resources. The opposite of farm.

• Queen Walk: Queen + Healers combo.

• QW: Queen Walk.

• Super Queen: Queen + Healers combo.

• TH: Town Hall.

• Treasury: the storage inside the Clan Castle.

• UI: User Interface

• Versus Battle / Versus Mode: battles on the Builder Base.

• VG: Village Guard.

• XP: Experience.

• Whales: when a village from a higher league shows up on multiplayer offering over 40 cups to steal.

• WB: Wall Breaker.

• Zap: On CoC can be used as an abbreviation to the Lightning spell. On CR it’s a spell card, different from the Lightning card.

• ZapQuake: Earthquake + Lightning spells combo.