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Clouds is a gameplay issue on Clash of Clans that affects players with a high amount of Trophies, usually over 4.500.

When you search for a battle the clouds show up. This process usually takes a few seconds, but once you reach higher leagues the clouds start to get longer and longer. Instead of a few seconds, the searching starts to take a few minutes and it just gets worse and worse as you keep raising your Trophies.

Most clashers don’t even know this is a real issue and during the first real Trophy push they think the game is broken with server issues and contact me. The thing is: the game is not broken, this is just how it works, unfortunately.


The answer is quite simple and makes sense: the higher you go, less players without shields are available, until you reach a point that there is not a single village without shield to be attacked. So the cloud begins.

The game matchmaking looks for players on your trophy range and when there isn’t, you just get stuck in the clouds waiting for a village to lose shield. This can take a long, long time.

New Legend League

On the June 2019 Update a new matchmaking system was introduced to Legendary Players (5.000+ Trophies) to fix this issue. For more information, check our the Legend League tutorial.