Engineered Bases


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• Lopsided Bases, how Supercell likes to call, are Engineered Bases created to take advantage of the war matchmaking algorithm.

• Engineered Bases are villages with very low-level defenses (or no defenses at all - defenseless villages) with high-level troops, Heroes and Town Hall.

• The point of these villages is to have a base with low defenses and high offenses to create a small advantage on Clan Wars, matching against an easier clan.


• Rushed bases are ruined villages where the owner upgraded the Town Hall too fast. So what is the difference to an Engineered Base?

• One small, tiny difference: an Engineered Base can’t be your primary base. This is an exclusive base that will suffer a lot on regular multiplayer, will lose tons of resources on defense, but will create a small advantage on the Clan Wars to your clan. This is a side base, where the player will have a regular high level base on his primary account.


• To a complete review about the matchmaking and the impact of these villages on wars, check out the complete tutorial called “Clan Wars: Matchmaking” here on the app!