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• Hey Clashers! It’s Tom here (@HouseofClashers) and on this article I review this basic but fundamental skill on Clash of Clans: funneling!


• Clash of Clans troops are know for not being very smart, especially the King, Queen and P.E.K.K.A. You deploy them thinking they will go to a direction, but they go the other way.

• For this reason a very common layout tactic was created: placing “useless” buildings (Collectors, Mines, Barracks, etc) outside the walls to create distractions. Instead of going inside, on the direction of the Town Hall, the troops will target useless buildings outside and will go around the village without actually doing any vital damage.

• This is a very useful and popular tactic, it really works if the attacker doesn’t know how to “funnel” their troops.


• The idea of funneling is quite easy to explain, but requires a lot of training to be good at.

• The first thing you must do is to identify the actual place you want to get inside the village. Once you decide, you must perform a 2-step attack.


• You must clear the useless buildings outside the walls, the obstacles that might create a distraction to your important troops. You first must attack on the left and right of your entry point with a few troops (or Queen Walk), and later deploy the full army on the middle.

• If the buildings are far from the defenses, you can do this with Archers. In a few seconds they will be gone.

• The most common tactic is to deploy 1/3 of your army to clear the area. Once the distractions are gone, you are ready for the second step. You can split your army in 3: first you deploy 1/3 on the left and right of the “funneling” spot. When the distractions are gone, you are really to the second step: deploy the main attack on the center.


• This is where the heavy troops are, including the Heroes.

• Unless you are using Queen Walk to clear the area, don’t release the Heroes on the first step.

• If you are attacking with Golems, you can release 2 of them on the first step, one on each side, and the main attack in the middle.

• To check if the funneling will work, you must look for the actual target that shows up when you deploy a troop. Every time you put down a troop the game shows a target. That’s the first building the troop is going to attack. If the target is the one you want, deploy all troops and Heroes.

• Never, under any circumstance, release P.E.K.K.As without clearing the distractions first. This is by far the “least smart” troop of the game, she will not enter the village if there is any distraction left outside.