Golden Hour


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Tons of resources, easy “whales” and abandoned villages. Yes, they can be easily found and attacked. Do you know what the Golden Hour is? Let’s find out!


  1. 1. Golden Hour
  2. 2. How Does it Happen?
  3. 3. When is the Next One?

Golden Hour

Golden hour is the best time to attack on Clash of Clans. To farmers, it’s very easy to find loot and abandoned villages. To high-level players, it’s the best hour to find “whales” (villages with 30+ trophies), avoid the clouds and climb the ladder raiding for trophies.

How Does it Happen?

Clash of Clans Golden Hour Loot
Huge amounts of loot easily found.

Golden Hour is a rare event. It happens every time the game gets offline for maintenance break for a long period, at least 1 hour.

When the game gets offline, thousands of villages lose their shields and there is no one to attack. This includes abandoned villages with Collectors, Mines and Drills filled with resources, and players from Titan and Legendary league with lots of trophies. When the game comes back from maintenance, there are not so many players online as well, as usual, they must download a new version of the app from Google Play and App Store.

When the game is back from maintenance all these villages, thousands of them, are all there waiting to be attacked. This is a real thing, not a guess or rumor. The amount of villages is so big it takes almost an hour for the game to return to normality. It's an easy math: fewer players online, more villages to attack. Get ready to boost your Barracks and attack non-stop for a while!

When is the Next One?

You have to keep an eye on Supercell forum, Twitter, Facebook, etc, to find out when the game will enter on maintenance break and when it will be back. Maintenance breaks (except for emergency ones) happen really early in the morning on Finland time and last around an hour. If the game is on maintenance, stay tuned, and get ready to clash as soon as it comes back online!