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"Four Barbarians holding a big log race ahead to batter down their target, dealing big bonus damage if they connect; then they fight on with their swords!"

Battle Ram is a temporary elixir troop inspired by the Clash Royale Battle Ram card.


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The Battle Ram consists of two Barbarians carrying a log and using it to cause more damage.

With a preferred target of walls, the Battle Ram will always go towards the closest wall, regardless of having a building inside or not. They will always ignore other buildings or enemy troops as long as there is a wall on the base.

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Temporary Items | Battle Ram |

Once the Battle Ram reaches its destination, it will hit hard, causing damage to the enemy walls and breaking the log. The Barbarians then will keep the attack just as the regular Barbarians would.

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Temporary Items | Battle Ram |

The Battle Ram is an excellent substitute to Wall Breakers, as they are cheaper and have more hitpoints, meaning they are more likely to survive until they reach the walls.


The Battle Ram was added as a temporary troop two times:

  • From 4/8/17 to 11/8/17
  • From 31/8/17 to 7/9/17

Training Time

Training Time of Battle Rams
Number of level 3 or higher Barracks that aren't under upgradeTraining Time
12 minutes
21 minute
340 seconds
430 seconds


Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedBarracks Level RequiredRangeTraining CostSpawned Barbarians
Walls (Damage x4)Ground43231 tile2504

Upgrade Chart

LevelDamageDamage vs. WallsHitpointsTown Hall Level

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