Royal Ghost


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Royal Ghost is a temporary troop that is usually available during Halloween.


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Clash of Clans | Halloween Troop and Obstacle Revealed: Meet the Royal Ghost! |

Royal Ghost is a single target unit that uses 8 housing spaces, targets ground only and can be trained with regular Elixir.

With a speed of only 16, he is not quite fast, but his special ability makes him a very good troop.

Special Ability

He features a special ability that really makes him shine: similar to Sneaky Archer from the Builder Base, the Royal Ghost can remain invisible for the first 12 seconds, so he can destroy a few buildings without being targeted by the defenses.

However, he triggers traps while invisible and can be damaged by splash damage defenses that target nearby troops, such as Mortar and Eagle Artillery. He also triggers the Tesla while invisible, but Tesla will not attack until he becomes visible.

Another cool feature is that he is capable of walking through walls in the first 12 seconds. Yes, he just passes them as if they don't exist!


Clash of Clans | Halloween Troop and Obstacle Revealed: Meet the Royal Ghost! |

With these special abilities, he is an amazing troop to clean buildings outside the walls and make funneling easier. However, he is quite slow, so be careful to not spend too much time preparing the funneling.

Royal Ghost is a support troop so massive Royal Ghost attacks are not very good, but they are super fun. After the ability is over in 12 seconds, he becomes a regular troop, not being able to go through walls anymore and will be easily killed by the defenses.


The Royal Ghost was available only one time on Clash of Clans:

  • 2019 Halloween
  • 2021 Halloween

Training Time

Training Time of Royal Ghosts
Number of Barracks availableTraining Time
Normal Train TimeWith 10% BoostWith 15% BoostWith 20% Boost
12m 30s2m 15s2m 8s2m
21m 15s1m 7s1m 4s1m


Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedAttack SpeedBarracks Level RequiredRangeSpecial Ability
NoneSingle Target8161s70.5 tilesGhostly

Upgrade Chart

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per AttackHitpointsTraining CostTown Hall Level Required