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"Ask Santa for the best present there is: a hail of destruction raining down on your enemies!"

Santa's Surprise is a temporary Elixir Spell that appears occasionally on the game during Christmas.


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Santa's Surprise brings Santa to the game. He flies by the enemy village dropping explosive presents, working similar to the Lightning Spell, but a bit stronger.

Clash of Clans | Clashmas Gifts | Santa's Surprise Flying

The Lightning Spell level 7 makes 660 of damage, the Santa's Surprise 900.

It was introduced for the first time in 2012, being the first seasonal item on the game. Returned in 2016 and now it's back once again!

Clash of Clans | Clashmas Gifts | Santa's Surprise Presents

After the explosion, the spell leaves 5 gifts on the enemy base. They are similar to Tombstones and can he clears just by being tapped, rewarding the player with 5.000 Elixir.

Upgrading Santa's Surprise

This spell has 9 levels but can't be upgraded on the Laboratory. The level of the Spell is only based on your Town Hall level. The higher it is, the stronger is the spell.


The Santa's Surprise is one of the most popular seasonal items and appeared many times on the game:

2019 Stats

RadiusRandom RadiusNumber of StrikesTime Between StrikesHousing SpaceTime to BrewSpell Factory Level RequiredCost
1 tile4 tiles50.1s26 minutes113,000

2019 Upgrade Chart

TierTotal DamageDamage per StrikeTown Hall Level

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