Skeleton Barrel

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Clash of Clans | Home Village | Temporary Items | Skeleton Barrel |

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, just Harry, Larry, Terry and a dozen friends, heading for the nearest building in a barrel of bones!"

Skeleton Barrel is a temporary usually available during Halloween.


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The Skeleton Barrel consists of a flying barrel filled with Skeleton. Once it reaches its target, it breaks and releases all skeletons.

This troop is inspired by the Clash Royale card of the same name.

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Temporary Items | Skeleton Barrel |

Upon impact, the Skeleton Barrel causes damage and release all skeletons once. Even though it's a flying unit, it can hit ground defenses, causing area splash.

Even though we have flying skeletons on the game, all skeletons inside the Skeleton Barrel are regular ground Skeletons.


The Skeleton Barrel appeared only a single time on Clash of Clans:

Training Time

Training time of Skeleton Barrel
Number of level 6 or higher Barracks that aren't under upgradeTraining Time
12 minutes
21 minutes
340 seconds
430 seconds


Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement SpeedBarracks Level RequiredRange
NoneArea Splash 1.2 Tile Radius (Ground Only)51060.5 tiles

Upgrade Chart

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Temporary Items | Skeleton Barrel |
LevelDamageSpawned SkeletonsHitpointsTraining CostTown Hall Level Required

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