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New Skin Battle Machine of the North is Now Available! | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    New Skin Battle Machine of the North is Now Available!

    Hey Clashers, exciting news for the Builder Base! This time, it's for the Builder Base, which receives a frosty addition to its skin collection. The new look of the Northern Battle Machine is here to impress and freeze the hearts of players. Let's explore all the details of this novelty!

    Remember that, in addition to the Northern King Skin in the Golden Ticket, we have the new frozen landscape for the Builder Base and the stunning Northern Queen. Now, we add to the list the Northern Battle Machine.

    Details of the Northern Battle Machine Skin

    With this new skin, the Builder Base Battle Machine gains details that evoke the theme of this northern season without losing its identity. In summary, it acquires frozen touches in its structure, such as in the hammer, transforming into a solid ice stone. Its arm and part of the body are also frozen, displaying a blue hue with purple nuances.

    The Master Builder, responsible for commanding this machine, receives a new white helmet, gloves, and attire similar to the skin sets of the Northern Heroes, all to face the cold. A pair of glasses completes the look, immersing him even further in the winter atmosphere.