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May 2019 Clan Games Announced: Dates and Rewards List are Here


Archer Queen AI temporarily reverted | Clash of Clans

Hello Clashers! May 2019 Clan Game rewards and dates were announced today!

The Games will start May 22 and ends on May 28, lasting 6 days.

Season Challenges will not be affected as it lasts the entire month, so it will always run together with Clan Games, Clan War Leagues and all other special events.

The main prizes this month are Shovel of Obstacles (2 of them!), Book of Spells and a Rune of Builder Base Elixir. Unfortunately the Rune and the Shovels are on the same tier, so you have to choose one.

Clash of Clans | May 2019 Clan Games Announced: Here is the Reward List |

The max points per player is 4.000, so the max tier can be achieved by clans with 13 members.

Clash on!