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April 2024 Update is Here: Temperamental Tentacles Update! | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    April 2024 Update is Here: Temperamental Tentacles Update!

    Temperamental Tentacles Update!

    Hello Chief! The Temperamental Tentacles update is LIVE and below you'll find everything you need to know about what's new in the game!

    Introducing a Brand-New Pet: Angry Jelly!

    Angry Jelly is a flying Pet with a long-range attack.

    It's ability is called Brainwash and it forces the Hero to whom is "attached" to target Defenses only.

    While “attached” to your Hero of choice, Angry Jelly cannot be targeted or damaged and won’t trigger traps.

    Once the "attached" Hero is eliminated or when its ability (Brainwash) ends, Angry Jelly becomes a normal troop and can be targeted and trigger traps.

    Angry Jelly will be available to the players at Town Hall 16 and Level 10 Pet House.

    And now, here are the launch stats of Angry Jelly:

    LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade Duration (hours)TH RequiredAbility Duration (seconds)
    1--16 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    2225,000 DE7216 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    3235,000 DE9616 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    4245,000 DE12016 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    5255,000 DE14416 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    6265,000 DE16816 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    7275,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    8285,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    9295,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    10315,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)35

    New and Updated Upgrade Levels!

    Chief! If you are longing for a fully upgraded village, you are in luck! Now, you can upgrade all your walls to Level 17.

    In addition, here are all the new Levels and their Upgrade Costs and Durations for Town Hall 16:

    NameLevelNew Upgrade CostNew Upgrade Duration (hours)
    Clan Castle1217,850.000 Elixir372
    Builder's Hut620,000.000 Gold360
    Eagle Artillery722,000.000 Gold372
    Monolith3370,000 DE384
    Pet House1021,500.000 Elixir384
    Yeti621,000.000 Elixir360
    Ice Golem8360,000 DE372
    Electro Titan422,000.000 Elixir384
    Flame Flinger519,000.000 Elixir324

    Streak Event is here! START DATE: APRIL 18, 0800 UTC

    Welcome to the Streak Event!

    From April 18th, each day, your daily attacks will fill in the Destruction % and indicate the required Stars for this challenge!

    • Complete challenges each day, collect rewards, and gain additional League Bonus boosts
    • Should you fail challenges in the given time frame, your Streak is lost, and you cannot continue
    • However, you can spend Gems to continue the streak or reset your Streak to the beginning
    • You will also be able to Rush your Streaks by opening the following-day challenges ahead of time via Gems

    The Streak Event will be available to all players from Town Hall 8 and above.

    Clan Chat Tagging!

    Clan members can now tag others! Tag your Clan Leaders and everyone in the Clan to attract their attention.

    • @clan notifies everyone in the Clan
    • @leaders notifies all Co-Leaders and the Leader
    • @player_name notifies specific player

    Players can disable receiving notifications in Settings > More Settings > Notification Settings > Clan Chat Tagging. It is worth noting that this setting is not based on device but player avatar, so if a player has multiple accounts they each have a different setting. This setting is enabled by default.

    Clan Castle with 2 Siege Machine donations

    The new Clan Castle level will allow players to ask for 2 Siege Machine upgrades. This is how it works:

    • Players may ask for up to two siege machines, and can ask for 2 of the same or 2 different ones
    • A single clan mate may donate up to two siege machines depending on the Clan Perks they have
      • 2 clan mates can also each donate one
    • During battle, both siege machines donated will show up as options to be picked, even if they are the same machine

    Defensive Layout for Builder Base!

    Just like in Clan Capital, it’s now possible to select separate Defensive Layout in Builder Base!

    • You can decorate the active layout without disadvantaging yourself in defense
    • You can prevent others from copying your defensive layout simply by visiting

    The Defensive Layout must contain all buildings and traps that are placed in the active layout. Defensive Layout is unselected when:

    • Editing Defensive Layout directly and saving it without placing all buildings and traps
    • Placing an unplaced building or trap in the active layout
    • Buying a building or trap from Shop

    Note that Defensive Layout is temporarily disabled but not automatically unselected if obstacles that grow to the active layout block some buildings and traps. In such a case, you can re-enable the layout simply by removing the offending obstacles.

    Clan Games

    • Selection weight of certain Builder Base tasks has been reduced when randomizing tasks which increases the likelihood of showing more Home Village tasks.

    Quality of life improvements

    Clan Perks

    Considerably buffed the clan perks to allow each individual player to donate more troops:

    Clan LevelTroop Donation LimitSpell Donation LimitSiege Machine Donation Limit
    9-all others5032

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix bug which caused spawning of obstacles with smaller gem amounts than normal
    • Fireball should now damage both ground and air, whatever it is aiming at. It was previously only damaging ground buildings and troops if it targeted anything on the ground, and if it targeted an air troop, it would only damage air
    • Fix for a visual bug when Overgrowth and Invisibility spells are applied at the same time
    • Fix for traps remaining invisible when Freeze or Overgrowth spells are applied in the area
    • Fix building base to match scenery in Builder Base after canceling layout editing
    • Flying 3D characters' health bar is slightly higher
    • Flying Warden does not jump over walls anymore
    • Fix villager shadow being on top of buildings
    • Royal Champion’s attacks doing less damage when the Haste Vial ability is active

    Clan Capital

    • Increase loot limit per attack from 5333 to 6100 in Capital trophy calculations
    • Scale defensive bonus based on remaining hitpoints for deployed units

    Clan Wars Changes

    • Almost maxed Town Hall 16 Villages now receive 6 Starry Ore instead 5 Starry Ore
    • Clan Wars rewards for losing from 43% to 50% and rewards for a tie from 50% to 57% apply to both resources and ore gains
    • 35 vs 35 and 45 vs 45 Wars are now enabled
    • Hero Equipment is now taken into account in attacks when matchmaking in addition to Town Hall levels
    • War roster selection screen now displays each clan member’s last seen online time
    • Clan War signup changes:
      • Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can post a Clan War sign-up in Clan Chat. You can do so from the War Map, next to the “Start war” button
      • There can be only one sign-up item in the chat at the same time
      • Sign-ups in chat are only available in regular Clan Wars and not in Clan War League or in Friendly Wars
      • Every Clan member can choose to opt in or out from the next war
      • Sign-ups can be pinned and won’t be removed until the next war begins

    Balance Changes

    Haste Vial Attack Speed adjustments:

    LevelOld Attack Speed IncreaseNew Attack Speed Increase

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