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Ice Golem | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Ice Golem

    Ice Golem Review: Strategies, Levels, vs Golem and Stats

    The Ice Golem has a chilling personality and absolutely zero sense of humour. He frosts over everything he touches, freezes his surroundings when destroyed and ices up when talked to at a party. On defense his freeze effect is smaller and has a shorter duration.

    Ice Golem is a Clash of Clans troop that can be trained with Dark Elixir.

    He is unlocked by upgrading the Dark Barrack to level 8, which requires a Town Hall level 11.

    This troop was introduced with on the 2018 Christmas Update.

    Ice Golem Explained

    The Ice Golem is a melee troop that prioritizes defense buildings, does low damage, and has a fair amount of health, being a great troop to lead the attack tanking the defenses while protecting more vulnerable troops behind.

    His use is quite similar to his "big brother" Golem. However, he is smaller in every aspect compared to him. His stats are about 50% of the regular Golem: HP, speed, damage, and most important, housing space. Using only 15 housing spaces, you can take 2 Ice Golems on the space of 1 regular Golem.

    The regular Golem has the ability to split into smaller Golemites upon death, but the Ice Golem also has some abilities, and that's what makes him a very special troop: his regular attack slows down enemy defenses, and upon death, he completely freezes all nearby defenses for a few seconds making him very, very useful.

    Ice Golem Ability vs Freeze Spell

    Compared to the Freeze Spell, his ability is much, much stronger. When a level 5 Ice Golem dies, his freeze effect lasts for 7 seconds while level 7 Freeze Spell works for only 5.5 seconds.

    But that's not all, the freeze from the Ice Golem also affects a larger radius. 7.5 tiles (on offense) against 3.5 tiles from the Freeze Spell.

    How to Use Ice Golems

    He prioritizes defense buildings and has a fair amount of health, so he is an excellent troop to lead the attack tanking the defenses while protecting more vulnerable troops behind.

    His special ability to freeze all defenses on a 7.5 radius is what makes him shine: he is excellent against single Inferno Tower and Giga Tesla. As long as he survives long enough to enter the enemy village, he will be of great value freezing their defenses.

    His ability also makes him an excellent troop do be requested on Siege Machines: the Wall Wrecker will take him directly to the Town Hall, and being killed there will freeze the core defenses of the enemy base, including the mighty Giga Tesla.

    He is no longer recommended on defense. When first released, the Ice Golem was super popular on Clan Castles because of his special ability to freeze everything upon death. This quickly became super annoying and too OP, so Supercell ended up nerfing the Ice Golem ability on defense. That's why the freezing time is much shorter and has a smaller radius on defense.


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