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Legend League | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Legend League

    New Legend League explained: matchmaking, loot math, trophies, shields and much more.

    Legend League is the last League on the game, exclusive to players with over 5.000 Trophies.

    This is a special league that features exclusive matchmaking, trophy system, shields, and loot.

    Legend League Sign-Up

    The first step to enter on the Legend League is to reach 5.000 Trophies to be promoted.

    Once you reach this amount of Trophies you will no longer be able to attack on the regular matchmaking, you must sign-up to Legend League.

    Even though you have to manually sign-up, this is a mandatory action to be able to attack on multiplayer.

    If you don't opt-in, you will still be attacked once your shield is over and will eventually drop below 4900 Trophies, being demoted to Titan 1 League.

    Once you reach 5.000 Trophies, the only way to leave if by dropping Trophies losing defenses. There is no "opt-out" button.

    Legend League Seasons

    Legend League works in Seasons, just like the other Leagues. Seasons last a month and a new one always starts on the last Monday of the month. For this reason, Seasons usually have 4 weeks, but they will occasionally have 5 weeks.

    When a Season is over, all Trophies above 5.000 will be lost and added to the Player Profile as Legend Trophies. These are permanent Trophies and can't be lost.

    League Day and Matchmaking

    The matchmaking from the Legend League is unique and completely different from the lower Leagues.

    On each League Day you will be able to make 8 attacks and defend 8 times. This is a fixed amount of attacks and can't be changed.

    League Day always starts at 8 am on Helsinki time (5 am GMT).

    This matchmaking system was created to fix the Cloud issue that affects higher leagues. At the beginning of each League Day the game finds 8 villages to be attacked by you. When you tap "Find Match" the village has already been determined, so there is absolutely no wait to attack or clouds.

    Unused attacks will be gone, so you must give all attacks if you want to increase your Trophies. On the next League Day 8 new attacks will be available.

    However, you will not necessarily be attacked 8 times, but your village will be added to the "matchmaking pool" of 8 players.

    Since the villages have already been chosen at the beginning of the League Day, you can't "skip" the attack and search for a different base.

    Differently from the Builder Base, this is not a 1v1 mode, so the players you attack are not necessarily the same ones that will attack you.

    The matchmaking is based only on your Trophy count. On each new League Day, you will be matched against 8 opponents of a similar Trophy level. For example, if you are in the 5200 Trophy level range, you will be given bases to attack that have similar Trophy levels and not someone who is at the 6000 Trophy level.


    On the Legend League, we have an exclusive shield system. Or in fact, you don't have any shield at all.

    If you want to give 8 attacks without waiting, your village will also be attacked 8 times. It's a fair trade. To do this, you can be attacked even when you are online. This is a major overhaul on the Legend League, there are no more shields, but there is the 8 defenses cap on each League Day.

    Online player being attacked

    If you want to take a break from the game, you can still buy a shield at the shop and you will be out of the next League Day. There are 2 shields to purchase:

    • 1-Day Shield 100 Gems 4-day cooldown
    • 2-Day Shield 150 Gems 7-day cooldown

    Therefore you can skip 3 out of 7 days per week in the Legend League if you find you don't have the time to perform your daily attacks.


    On each attack you can get up to 40 Trophies and on each defense you can lose up to 40 Trophies. It's a 1:1 ratio. This is a fixed amount, there will always be 40 Trophies available on all attacks.

    However, the way the Trophies you get are calculated in a different way on Legend League. On all other leagues you get 33% of the Trophies for each star you get. This is the new trophy calculation on the Legend League:

    • For 0 stars you'll get 0 Trophies + 1 trophy for each full 10% DP above 0%
    • For 1 star you'll get 5 Trophies + 1 trophy for each full 9% DP above 1%
    • For 2 stars you'll get 16 Trophies + 1 trophy for each full 3% DP above 50%
    • For 3 stars you'll get 40 Trophies

    This new system rewards high percentage attacks. Getting 2 stars is no longer enough for a good attack, you need to focus to get a high percentage of destruction to get more Trophies.

    Please note that it's not possible to lose Trophies on offense. Even on a fail attack, you will not lose any. On the other hand, you can't win Trophies on defense.

    This way you will always win Trophies on offense and always lose Trophies on defense. At the end of the day if you gained more Trophies on the 8 attacks than you lost on the 8 defenses, your Trophy count will increase.

    Preparing the Defense and Clan Castle Troops

    Similar to Clan Wars, you must pick a layout to use as a defense. Once you have selected a layout, a "snapshot" of your village will be taken, meaning you that the changes made on your Home Village will not affect the defense village unless you select it again on the multiplayer menu.

    With this change you can choose a completely different layout on your regular Home Village.

    Once a new layout has been chosen, it will be used only on the next League Day.

    Since the game uses a snapshot of your village, the Heroes will always be awake to defend, traps will always be armed and upgrading buildings will always be ready, just as the Clan War defense base.

    Clan Castle troops also must be chosen on the multiplayer menu. The troops selected will be taken from your current Clan Castle.

    Once the setup is completed, the troops will remain there forever, they won't be killed on combat and don't have to be donated again on the next League Day.

    For this reason after the setup you can change the CC troops and use different ones on your attacks.


    The new Legend League loot also works similar to the Clan Wars. There will be loot available on the villages, but they will not be stolen from the enemies. Yes, you will never lose resources on the Legend League. All you get is profit.

    The amount of loot is based on how strong it is. A maxed Town Hall 12 will reward you with:

    • 450k gold
    • 550k elixir
    • 6.5k dark elixir

    However, other attack "benefits" will work just as regular attacks. The stars will count towards the Clan Games and Season Challenges.

    Assuming you 3-Star your opponent 8x per day, this is the max amount of loot you can get every day:

    • 7.2 million Gold, 8.02 million Elixir, 75.7k Dark Elixir per day
    • 450K Gold/ 550K Elixir/ 6.5K Dark Elixir from each 3-Star attack against a max TH12 performed 8 times per day
    • 340k / 340k / 2.4k from each win bonus 8 times per day
    • 900k / 900k / 4.5k daily Star Bonus

    Considering you will never lose resources on defense, you should get enough resources to upgrade buildings without spending Gems. However, don't forget the Legend League is not the most appropriate place to farm.

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