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League Shop | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    League Shop

    The League Shop is a store where you can buy items (some exclusive) using League Medals.


    Some of the items of the store you can be obtained on the regular shop using Gems or through events (Clan Games, Season Challenges), such as Potions, Elixir, Gold and Wall Ring.

    This shop also features some exclusive items, such as the Magic Hammers. These items are similar to Books, but have the power to start and finish a building/upgrade instantly. Regular Books are capable of instant finish a construction/upgrade, but you still have to start it using resources (Gold, Elixir of Dark Elixir). For this reason, Magic Hammers are more powerful than Books.

    The League Shop also features exclusive statues and decorations.

    League Medals

    All items offered on the League Shop can be obtained only with League Medals. This is a special currency that can be obtained through Clan War Leagues. There is no other way to obtains them. If you don't play or if your clan doesn't add you to the CWL, you won't be able to buy the item in this shop.

    Accessing the League Shop

    League Shop can only be accessed if you are on the Home Village. Enter on the regular Shop and look for the new tab League Shop.

    Magic Hammer Cooldown

    How often you can purchase each Magic Hammer is limited by a 7-day cooldown.

    All Magic Hammers purchased on the League Shop are delivered instantly. However, the purchase starts a 7-day cooldown, preventing you from buying the same hammer twice in the same week.

    This change was done to prevent an extreme upgrade rush when new upgrades are available. For example, without this cooldown, a user with 1,650 League Medals would be able to upgrade - skipping cost and time - 10 levels of the same Hero instantly.

    Item Costs

    NameTypePrice (League Medals)Notes
    2,500,000 GoldResources25N/A
    2,500,000 ElixirResources25N/A
    Training PotionMagic Items10N/A
    Resource PotionMagic Items10N/A
    Builder PotionMagic Items30N/A
    10x Wall RingMagic Items50N/A
    Hammer of FightingMagic Items120N/A
    Hammer of BuildingMagic Items120N/A
    Hammer of SpellsMagic Items120N/A
    Hammer of HeroesMagic Items165N/A
    The Warrior StatueDecorations100N/A
    The Challenger StatueDecorations250Clan must reach Gold League I
    The Contender StatueDecorations500Clan must reach Crystal League I
    The Master StatueDecorations1,000Clan must reach Master League I
    The Champion StatueDecorations2,000Clan must reach Champion League I

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