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Season Challenges | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Season Challenges

    Season Challenges explained: how to unlock Hero Skins, how to use the Season Bank, what are Challenge Points, Gold Tier cost/price and reward list.

    Season Challenges are a Clash of Clans feature that allows players to complete tasks and unlock special rewards. This feature was introduced on the Spring 2019 update.

    Completing Challenges

    There are two types of challenges: 3 Daily Challenges that are refreshed every day and 24 Monthly Challenges that are unlocked every week (6 new Challenges every week).

    The whole feature works similar to Clan games but done individually. However, differently from Clan Games, you don't need to pick a challenge, all you have to do is play the regular game, and the challenges will be completed as the game tracks your progress automatically.

    Since you can't pick a challenge, all challenges are available and can be completed at the same time. For this reason, you can't "trash" a Challenge and throw it away like Clan Games. There is no way to skip and replace a challenge you don't like.

    Season Challenges are automatically unlocked to all players with a Town Hall 7 or higher. You can access using the Season Challenges shortcut that is located next to the "Attack" button.

    Challenge Points

    Gold Tier rewards are above the road, the Silver Tier rewards below

    Completing challenges will reward you with a new currency called Challenge Points. These points will go to a type of "Challenges Road" (similar to Brawl Stars Trophy Road), where you can track your progress and collect actual rewards. There are up to 30 rewards on the Road.

    Silver Tier

    There are two Tiers of Season Challenges: Silver and Gold.

    The Silver Tier is completely free and can be accessed by all Clashers. Every player will get free rewards on this tier, you don't need to pay or do anything different to start getting free stuff. All you have to do is play the game and collect the rewards.

    Silver Tier features:

    • 15 rewards (Magic Items and Resources)
    • Season Bank Storage: 5 million Gold/Elixir and 50.000 Dark Elixir

    Gold Pass / Gold Tier

    If you want to get crazy good rewards, you can purchase the Gold Pass. The Gold Pass costs $4.99 (or the local equivalent of 500 Gems) and will unlock the Gold Tier for the current season.

    The Gold Tier features all Silver Tier rewards plus:

    • 30 Rewards (Magic Items and Resources)
    • Season Bank Storage: 25 million Gold/Elixir and 250.000 Dark Elixir
    • You have access to the final and exclusive reward, a Hero skin
    • Exclusive Perks

    Season Bank

    Season Bank is resource storage exclusive to the Season Challenges that doubles the loot until it reaches its capacity. As you play the game and raid enemy villages, an equal amount of resources you loot from enemy bases goes to the Season Bank.

    Example: if you loot 500 Dark Elixir from an enemy, 500 will go the regular storage on your village + 500 to the Season Bank.

    The Season Bank is available to all players on Silver and Gold Tier; however, the amount of resources it holds on each Tier is different:

    • Silver Tier: 5 million Gold/Elixir and 50.000 Dark Elixir
    • Gold Tier: 25 million Gold/Elixir and 250.000 Dark Elixir

    Even though 25 million is the ultimate cap with the Gold Pass, you must collect Challenge Points and unlock the "Bigger Season Bank" award to achieve its maximum capacity.

    The resources from the Season Bank will be added automatically to the regular storages the first time you log-in after the season ends. If there is not enough space to store all resources, the storages will overflow, so they will not be lost. Note that with storages full and/or overflowed, you can't collect resources from Mines and Collectors, nor can loot enemy bases. So plan and leave a Builder free to start an upgrade or to spend resources on walls when the season is over.

    Gold Tier Exclusive Perks

    With the Gold Tier you can also unlock exclusive Perks, very special boosts that must be obtained on the "Challenges Road" and will work until the end of the season:

    • 1 Gem donation: you can donate Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines for a single Gem.
    • Builder Boost: reduces the time and cost to start an upgrade (including Walls). It has 3 tiers: 10%, 15%, and 20%. The time reduction is applied when you start the construction, and the timer will not be changed later if you unlock a new tier (better boost) or if you lose the boost once the season ends.
    • Research Boost: reduces the time and resources to upgrade Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines in the laboratory. It has 3 tiers: 10%, 15%, and 20%.
    • Training Boost: reduces training time to Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines and the regeneration time to all Heroes. It has 3 tiers: 10%, 15%, and 20%.

    Hero Skins

    To unlock an exclusive hero skin, you must buy the Gold Tier ($4.99) for the season and complete enough challenges to get the final reward.

    The first skin was the Gladiator King. Every season will reward an exclusive skin.

    Hero Skins are permanent and can be kept forever. If you obtain a skin to a Hero, you haven't unlocked yet, you will get the skin anyway. Once you build the Altar and unlock the Hero, the skin will be there.


    A Season starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the calendar month. Once a season ends, another one starts right away.

    The Gold Pass costs $4.99 and must be bought every Season if you want to unlock the Gold Tier rewards (which includes an exclusive Hero skin). The Gold Pass is not a subscription; it's an individual purchase. If you want to skip a month because you didn't like the skin, just don't buy the Gold Tier that month.

    All Gold Tier perks (boosts and 1 gem donation) will only work through the season. Once the season is over, the perks are lost. The Hero skin, however, is permanent, and you can keep forever.

    Purchasing the Gold Tier During the Season

    The Gold Tier/Gold Pass can be purchased until 24 hours before the Season ends and will instantly unlock all rewards available according to the number of Challenge Points you have.

    For example, if you have 2.000 Challenge Points at the time of your purchase, you will get all Gold Tier rewards available at the mark.

    However, it is highly recommended to purchase the Gold Tier as soon as the season starts so you can take advantage of the exclusive Perks through all month long.

    Claiming Rewards

    Once you have enough Challenge Points to unlock a specific reward, you must go to the Rewards screen and claim the reward. At the end of the season, uncollected rewards will be lost, so make sure you claim them before the season ends.

    The ultimate reward (Hero Skin) requires 2600 Challenge Points. Collecting this amount of points takes around 2 weeks. With the Season Challenges lasting a month, this is quite easy if you play the game regularly.

    You can still complete challenges after that and reach over 4000 Challenge Points, but there is no extra reward for that, and these points will be lost once the season ends.

    One controversial reward issue is that you can no longer stack Magic Items over the inventory capacity, so if there is no room to a specific Magic Item, this item must be sold for Gems or will be lost.

    Using Gems to Complete Challenges

    You get Challenge Points by playing the game and this automatically unlock the rewards; however, you can also progress by using Gems, so technically, you can unlock the final reward (Hero Skin) without playing the game.

    To unlock the next reward on the list without playing the game you must use 100 Gems. The Gold Tier features 30 Rewards, so to unlock the Hero Skin without playing the game will cost you 3,000 Gems.

    Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway

    When a new season starts every month, we have a giveaway on Twitter! The promotion we give a few free skins / Gold Passes to our followers. If you want to participate follow us on @HouseofClashers.

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