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Gems | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    Gems are the premium in-game currency used to buy resources, items, boost barracks and resources and skip timers on both Home Village and Builder Base.

    Spending Gems

    Attack Boost

    Probably the most common use is to boost your army production. You can boost the Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory, Heroes regeneration and Siege Workshop using Gems. This can be done by tapping on the buildings, but it's more commonly done on the Training Screen.

    Boosting the attack let you attack much faster, being able to attack multiple times in an hour. Instead of purchasing resources directly, attacking multiple times with the training accelerated is a better deal.

    All Attack Boosts lasts 1 hour.

    • Boost Troop Training: For 30 Gems you can boost all 4 Barracks and 2 Dark Barracks at the same time. This will increase the training speed by 4x for 1 hour. You can no longer boost each Barrack individually for 5 Gems, you must do all of them together.
    • Boost Spell Brewing: For 10 Gems you can boost the brewing speed of the Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory. This will increase the brewing speed by 4x for 1 hour.
    • Boost Siege Machine Construction: For 30 Gems you can boost the Siege Workshop, increasing the building speed by 4x for 1 hour. Since a level 3 Siege Workshop can hold up to 6 Siege Machines and they can also be obtained by donations, this boost can easily be skipped as it's very unlikely you will run out of Siege Machines.
    • Boost Heroes Regeneration: For 5 Gems each each hero regeneration time can be boosted by 4x for 1 hour. This is the only training boost that must be done individually. With 4 Heroes available on the game, the total boost cost is 20 Gems.
    • Resource Boost: Gems can e used to boost the resource production. This boost can be applied to Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills. Boosting the Dark Elixir Drill is actually a fair deal and commonly done by players that are interested in fast Dark Elixir to finish the Heroes. If you plan in boosting all resources, purchasing the Resource Potion for 115 Gems or 10 League Medals can be a better deal.


    You can purchase up to 5 Builders on you Home Village. Except for the first one that is free, all others must be purchased with Gems. This is by far the most important use of Gems on the Game.

    Finish Constructions, Research and Training

    Gems can be used to instantly finish any construction, upgrade or Laboratory research and instantly finish the training of you army.


    Donations can be done using Gems. This is not commonly done since it's too expensive. However, if you purchase the Season Challenges Gold Pass you can unlock the 1-Gem Donation Perk and donate troops for a single Gem. This is good deal.

    Purchase Resources

    Resources can be purchased directly with Gems on the game.

    You can purchase resources directly at the Shop. If you try to start an upgrade without the required resources, a screen will pop-up asking if you want to purchase the remaining resources with Gems.

    Purchase Shields

    Extra Shields can be purchased with Gems. This is commonly used on Legend League if you want to take a break, but by far the most common purchase is the extended Village Guard. You can buy 2 extra hours for 10 Gems.

    Purchase Extra War Slots

    If you want extra layout slots you can purchase extra ones the Layout Editor. On the War Base scroll to the right and will find 3 extra slots.

    Purchase Magic Items

    Magic Items can be purchased with Gems at the Trader. That is where you can buy Potions and Books using Gems.

    Clock Tower Boost and Versus Battle Rewards

    On the Builder Base you can skip the waiting time to activate the Clock Tower.

    With only 3 attacks worth loot on this base, you can also skip the timer to unlock 3 new attacks.

    Earning Free Gems

    There are several ways to earn a lot of free Gems on the game.


    Completing Achievements rewards Experience and Gems.

    Clan Games

    Clan Games can reward Gems and Magic Items that can be sold for Gems. Each event usually gives around 400 Gems if you sell all items.

    Gem Mine

    On the Builder Base you can build a Gem Mine that produces Gems. A level 9 Gem Mine produces 4.8 Gems/Day, definitely worth the upgrades.

    Removing Obstacles

    Removing obstacles from the Home Village and Builder Base rewards you with free Gems. You can get up to 6 Gems for each obstacle. The number of Gems comes always on the same order, is a cycle. More info can be found on the obstacles page.

    Rewarding 25 Gems every time, the Gem Box is the most important obstacle. Remember to always remove it as this is the only regular obstacle that will only spawn if you don't have any on the village. You will never have 2 Gem Box at the same time to remove.

    Season Challenges

    Season Challenges gives tons of Magic Items and even Gems directly. If you purchase the Gold Pass to unlock the Gold Tier you will earn even more Books, Potions and Gems. It's an excellent deal for U$4,99.

    Selling Magic Items

    As Books and Potions are rewarded for free on Season Challenges, Clan Games, Trader and Special Events, selling them for Gems became a big source of free Gems.

    Special Events

    On the Events tab you can always find special challenges/tasks that can reward Gems, Magic Items and Experience.

    Spending Gems and Money Wisely


    Until you have all 5 builders unlocked on the game, don't spend your Gems in anything else. This is your high priority.

    Season Challenges

    The best cost benefit on the game is to regularly purchase the Gold Pass for the Season Challenges. Costing U$4.99 it offers by far the best value on the game in term of content, since it always includes many Books and Potions. This is a much better deal than any other special offer that shows up on the Shop and also gives you a Hero Skin.


    Once you have all Builders, the best way to spend Gems is on Magic Items on the Trader. You can buy Training Potions for 15 Gems and Book of Heroes for 500, these are good deals.

    Runes and other Books also show up on the Trader, but they are over 1.000 Gems, so it's not a great deal, unless you really have thousands of Gems and don't have time to attack on multiplayer to raid for resources. Usually these Books are obtained for free on Clan Games or obtained on the Gold Tier of the Season Challenges.

    Attack Boost x Training Potion

    The total cost to boost you attack training speed is 90 Gems (60 if you skip the Siege Workshop boost).

    If you plan in accelerating everything, there is a cheaper option, the Training Potion. This potion costs 25 Gems and will boost everything related to your attack: Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory, Heroes regenerations and the Siege Workshop.

    Please note that the Clan Castle request speed is 10 minutes and will not be affected by any boost or potion, so you can request only 6 times in one hour.

    Can I Have a Good Village Without Spending Money?

    Yes, you can, but it will take a long time without extra Gems. Even if you raid and steal tons of resources, there is no way to build everything with only 3 or 4 workers, so you must save Gems for a while to get all 5 builders. With 3 or 4 builders you will have a hard time only to catch up with the updates made by Supercell.

    If you really like the game, you should definitely consider buying the Season Pass for the Season Challenges every month. It's by far the best value for your money.

    With 5 builders and raiding for resources you can definitely have a very good village with maxed defenses. It will take some time, but it’s possible. The most difficult thing will be getting enough resources to upgrade the Walls, but you don’t need maxed Walls to have an amazing village.

    Remember, with or without money, having a great village it’s not an easy task and will take years, but it’s possible and that’s what makes this game so great.

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