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Practice Mode | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Practice Mode

    The new Practice Mode is a Clash of Clans feature that works as an extended tutorial, allowing the user to test attacks without spending resources on Troops and losing Trophies.

    There are 17 levels and they are unlocked as you upgrade your Town Hall. There is no timer to complete the attacks, you can take as much time as you want.

    Each level features pre-built Troops and Villages. There is no need to train the armies. Some armies are actually "pro" formations and are very useful.

    On the first time you play each tutorial, the game will instruct you with tips of which troops you should use and where you should deploy them. On the second time, you are free to try your own strategies.

    Even tough it's a Practice Mode, the rewards are real and you can keep the loot stolen the first time you attack the village. It's similar to the Single Player maps (Goblin Maps). You can attack as many times as you want, but only get loot you will only get once.

    As you progress on the game and upgrade your Town Hall, new army formations and maps will be added. You will always have access to the tutorials from the next Town Hall level. For example, if you are Town Hall 9 you will get all tutorials up to Town Hall 10.

    Completing all 17 levels will reward you with with almost 5.5 million Gold/Elixir and 42,000 Dark Elixir.

    Level NumberLevel NameGoldElixirDark Elixir
    1Giant Smash100,000100,0000
    2Balloon Parade125,000125,0000
    3Meat Shield150,000150,0000
    4Hot Stuff200,000200,0000
    5Hog Rush200,000200,0000
    6Air Raid200,000200,0000
    7Heavy Hitters250,000250,0001,500
    8Whirl Power250,000250,0001,500
    9Lava & Loons300,000300,0003,000
    10Angry Babies300,000300,0003,000
    11Witch Slap300,000300,0003,000
    12Miner Mania400,000400,0004,000
    13Bowling with Bats400,000400,0004,000
    14Lava & More Loons500,000500,0005,000
    15Electro Surgery500,000500,0005,000
    16Bowling with Witches600,000600,0006,000
    17Flying Circus600,000600,0006,000

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