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Scenery | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    The sceneries are decorative items that change the visual of your Clash of Clans village. It was added on the Summer 2020 update.

    Sceneries Explained

    Sceneries are purely decorative items that replace the visual of your Clash of Clans village.

    Sceneries don't affect stats or gameplay; it is an aesthetic item that will not improve your defense.

    The scenery you use will be shown to visitors and enemies when they attack you.

    Obtaining Sceneries

    Although some sceneries are available for free, Premium Sceneries can be obtained through limit-time offers at the Shop, usually in package bundles with extra resources.

    Unlike Hero Skins, so far none of the Premium Sceneries were made available to be purchased with Gems. Gold Skins (Season Challenge Skins) are usually available for Gems at the Shop a year after being released, but this is not guaranteed.

    Changing Sceneries

    You can change your village scenery by tapping on the Town Hall and then on the "Change Scenery" button.

    A menu will pop up displaying all Sceneries you have available.