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Town Hall | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Town Hall

    Each Town Hall level has a recommended army composition, but as we all know, Clash of Clans is a well balanced game so you can choose pretty much any troop on any Town Hall.

    Here is our recommendation based in what we use, but fell free to try anything you want:


    If you are not pushing, at any Town Hall the best farming troop recommendations is Barch (Archers + Barbarian). You can add Giants and Wall Breakers to make a more powerful attack.

    Now for Pro Attacks:


    • Archers + Barbarian + Giants
    • Dragons
    • Hog Riders


    • Archers + Barbarian + Giants
    • Dragons
    • Giant + Healers
    • GoHo


    • Archers + Barbarian + Giants
    • Dragons
    • Giant + Healers
    • GoHo
    • GoWiWi/GoWiPe
    • GoWiVa
    • LavaLoonion
    • GoLaLoon
    • Queen Walk

    TOWN HALL 10+

    • GoWiWi / GoWiPe
    • GoWiVa / GoVaBo
    • LavaLoonion
    • Mass Bowlers
    • Miners + Heal
    • Miners + Bowlers
    • Queen Walk

    TOWN HALL 11+

    • ZapDrag

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