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Mass Royal Ghosts Explained | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Mass Royal Ghosts Explained

    The Royal Ghosts are here… and they’re AWESOME! In this guide we’ll cover an easy to use yet devastating TH12 attack strategy using Mass Royal Ghosts. I’ve outlined below how to use this attack and there’s also a video tutorial on Sir Moose’s YouTube Channel showing the strategy 3 Starring TH12 opponents.

    Army Composition

    • Main Army: 25 x Royal Ghosts / 10 x Bowlers / 1 x Ice Golem
    • Spells: 1 x Rage / 3 x Freeze / 6 x Bat Spells
    • Clan Castle Troops/Spells: 5 x Valks & Rage Spell

    Stage 1: Deployment Ghost

    When facing a centralized Town Hall (as shown in the pics) the first stage is base around making a VERY large funnel on one side of the base, chose a side that offers the best value and think ahead to Stage 2 and getting those Bowlers and Heroes to the Town Hall to take it down.

    If you can take out some high value targets such as Multi Infernos, X-Bows, Eagle Artillery & Wizard Towers whilst creating your awesome funnel…do so. You have 25 Ghosts to deploy so be swift, this should take you approximately 60-90 seconds.

    If you come up against a Town Hall which is positioned on the outside of the base, try to take it down directly with the ghosts. Remember you only have 12 seconds of invisibility on the Ghosts so if the Town Hall isn’t too close to the edge it might be best taking it out with the Kill Squad later. The replays of this strategy show both Town Hall positions being 3 Starred

    Stage 2: Kill Squad

    This sounds technical…but it isn’t! You need to aim for the Town Hall, deployment is as follows:

    Ice Golem > Heroes > Siege Machine (Wall Wrecker) > Bowlers

    Keep that Wall Wrecker alive it MUST make it to the Town Hall and take it down. The funnel you have already created should ensure all of your troops go where intended! Don’t be afraid to use your Grand Warden ability early if required to protect those Bowlers.

    If you’ve already taken down the Town Hall in the initial stage of the attack, aim to destroy as many high value targets with your Kill Squad.

    Watch & Wait…

    Now all your troops are down we need to watch and wait. Priority is getting that Wall Wrecker to the Town Hall, don’t neglect your heroes keep an eye on them and use abilities if required. Once your Wrecker approaches the Town Hall be ready with a Rage/Freeze Spell to ensure the Town Hall is destroyed.

    Stage 3: Town Hall is down… KABOOM!

    Once the Town Hall has been destroyed you should be in a good position to get 3 Stars. It’s all about judgement now and knowing when to send in your Bats! Timing is key, too early and they’ll all die, too late and....well, it’s too late! Protect your winged friends, they depend on you.

    Stage 4: Bats!

    You should have at least 5+ Bat Spells and 2+ Freeze Spells left. Now it’s about watching the battle unfold and getting ready to deploy those bats, when you are ‘one’ with the bats you’ll know when the time is right…no seriously you will!

    Ideally at least 2/3 of the Multi Infernos and 2/4 of the Wizard Towers will be already destroyed, if you can wait a little longer for your army to take out another Wizard Tower or Multi Inferno…do so. It’s a fine balance so don’t leave the bat deployment too late.

    Stage 5: Victory!

    Bathe in your awesomeness with your bats…you deserve it.


    I’m telling the truth when I say this is an overpowered, simple to use and fun strategy. The Royal Ghosts make funnelling easy and then you can concentrate on sending in your Kill Squad and then ravaging the base with your bats. In most of my attacks (Sir Moose) I’ve been getting high percentage 2 Star or 3 Star attacks…it’s a beautiful strategy and easy to use.


    It’s not around for long…seriously I can’t think of anymore. Use it while you can!


    If you’re like me (Sir Moose) and feel sick when someone even mentions the word ‘Funnel’ - then this is the perfect strategy for you, easy to use, devastating and FUN! Give it a try and leave a comment to let me know how you’ve got on!


    You can watch the video of this attack on Sir Moose’s YouTube Channel.

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