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Mass Electric Dragons | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Mass Electric Dragons

    Mass Electric Dragons Explained: How to 3-Stars Maxed Villages!

    Today on the Clash of Clans World Championship finals the clasher Oskivn from Team Queso made a very impressive 3-Star attack using mass Electric Dragons.

    This is a quite popular high level attack for many reason as we will se here, but Oskivn attack was not only impressive for how easily he was able to get 100% on a maxed out village, but also how fast it was. The whole attack was only one minute and seventeen seconds. Yes, he had almost 2 minutes left to attack!

    Well, so let's take an in-depth look on this pro attack!

    Army Formation

    • Army: 8 Electric Dragons + 8 Balloons
    • Spells: 3 Rage + 3 Freeze
    • Clan Castle: Stone Slammer + 1 Electric Dragon + 2 Balloons

    Choosing the right Village

    Compact village with the defenses close together: the perfect village to Mass E-Dragons

    This is a strong attack but it isn't that good on all villages. First we need to understand how the E-Dragon works.

    The E-Dragon has a unique attack: the Chain Lightning. With this special attack the Dragon fires a lightning bolt, similar to the Teslas, and is able to hit up to 5 buildings in sequence. After hitting the first building, the lightning targets the closest building after and so on, causing damage to 5 buildings. However, the damage dealt to each chained targets is reduced by 20% for every hit.

    The E-Dragons also don't have any preferred target, he will always attack the closest building. So you must prepare the funneling.

    For these reasons, E-Dragons are great against villages compact villages where the defenses are all close together.

    Step 1: Funneling and Seeking Air Mines

    E-Dragons on the corners and with a single Balloon to clean the sky

    The first thing to do is to released only a single E-Dragon with a Balloon right in front of it. This is done to destroy the Seeking Air Mine with the Balloons.

    E-Dragons are very strong troops, but the Seeking Air Mine can severely damage them. So spending a couple of Balloons to check for these traps are a great trade.

    While the Ballons clear the skies looking for Mines, you can prepare the funneling. You don't want see your heavy e-dragons flying around the village without any direction, you want them to do straight to the core of the enemy village, so this step is critical to a successful attack.

    To achieve this objective Oskivn used the Barbarian King on the bottom and a single E-Dragon on the right of the village. They are strong enough to easily destroy the buildings outside the walls that could distract the main attack troops.

    Step 3: Main Attack

    Mass Dragons! Please note the King on the bottom and a single E-Dragon on the right: they are preparing the funneling

    Only a few seconds after the Balloons clear the air traps, all E-Dragons were released.

    Because of the chain damage of the E-Dragons, the Town Hall Giga Tesla was activated really early on the battle, so a Freeze Spell had to be used there.

    The Grand Warden must be placed on the direction of the Town Hall.

    Step 4: Spells and Hero Abilities

    Two Rages used on when the E-Dragons enter the village. Freeze on the Town Hall/Giga Tesla. Note the placement of the Grand Warden.

    With all troops deployed, the only things left are the spells and heroes abilities.

    On his attack he used the Rage Spell to make the Dragons faster when they entered the village.

    Eternal Dome ability activated a few seconds before the Town Hall being destroyed. Note the Stone Slammer going straight to the Air Defense on the right.

    The Eternal Dome Ability is very important. The Grand Warden must go towards the Town Hall and his ability must be active when the Giga Tesla explodes. The explosion deals a lot of damage and Warden's ability is extremely important to save the Dragons.

    Note that you don't have to wait the Town Hall to be destroyed to use the ability. On his attack the activated the ability a few seconds before, protecting the Dragons from the Giga Tesla. However, when the Town Hall exploded the Eternal Dome ability was still activated.

    Step 5: Clan Castle

    Funneling done right. Very impressive. With so many E-Dragons at the center of the village, the defenses have no chance

    On this attack Oskivn decided to use the Stone Slammer to drop the Clan Castle troops.

    He placed the Siege Machine on the right corner and not with the mass Dragons. With this placement the Stone Slammer went straight to an Air Defense.

    Step 6: Archer Queen

    The Queen taking down mines to help the funneling

    You are probably wondering, where is the Archer Queen? Well, this attack is so powerful and fast that Oskivn used her to take down Collectors that were around the village, taking away even more buildings that could distract the E-Dragons.

    Step 7: 100%

    All 3 heroes alive and a couple of E-Dragon. Amazing attack!


    With this easy 100% on a World Championship, we sure have many "pros" for this attacks:

    It's not THAT difficult. I know, it's not an easy attack, but it is certainly easier than complex attacks with Queen Walk, Wall Breakers x Multi Inferno, Miners with Heal Spell, etc.

    Heroes are not THAT important. This attack doesn't require Queen Walk, so the King and Queen are used basically to take down Mines and prepare the funneling. For this reason this attack can be used while upgrading your King and Queen without many issues. The Grand Warden, however, is extremely important.


    There is basically one downside on this attack: it can't be used on every village. You can get a good percentage on most villages, but a really pro attack with 100% on maxed out villages, no.

    The enemy village must be compact with the main defenses close enough to get damage from the Dragon Chain Lightning.

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