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Golem + Bats Guide | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Golem + Bats Guide

    If you’re after a simple yet effective TH12 attack strategy that requires little skill or planning but is still able to 3 Star most bases…then look no further! I’ve outlined below how to use this attack, there is also a video tutorial on Sir Moose’s YouTube Channel.

    Army Composition

    • Main Army: 1 x Golem / 4 x Ice Golems / 8 x Witches / 14 x Bowlers (Complete army with Wizards/Archers for clean-up).
    • Spells: 1 x Rage / 3 x Freeze / 6 x Bats (Can change a Rage for Jump Spell if required).
    • Clan Castle Troops/Spells: 5 x Valks & Rage.

    Plan your attack

    You need to spam this attack, so you’ll need to try and find an easy(ish) route to the Town Hall, preferably with a straight edge to deploy the troops. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and send the wrecker from the opposite side of the map, if in doubt take the safest option. It is imperative that the Wall Wrecker reaches the Town Hall and those Valks take it down ASAP.

    Stage 1: Deployment

    It’s this simple: Golem in the middle, Ice Golems behind and left and right, Witches in a straight line behind, then the Wall Wrecker in the centre behind the initial Golem, lastly deploy the Heroes & Bowlers behind.

    You might need to stagger the deployment to ensure they all move into the base, for instance letting the witches clear outside buildings before deploying the Bowlers, but generally you can just spam attack in the above order, you should aim to have all of this done quite quickly.

    After deployment of the troops depending on what kind of enemy fire they are under, you may wish to use a Rage Spell and the Grand Warden (GW) ability early. If your Wrecker is in danger of not making the Town Hall, feel free to use either a Freeze Spell or the GW ability to ensure it makes it…if it doesn’t…you’ll probably get 1 Star.

    Stage 2: Watch & Wait

    Now all your troops are down we need to watch and wait. Priority is getting that Wall Wrecker to the Town Hall, don’t neglect your heroes, keep an eye on them and use abilities if required. Once your Wrecker approaches the Town Hall be ready with a Rage/Freeze Spell to ensure the Town Hall is destroyed.

    Stage 3: Town Hall is down…KABOOM!

    Once the Town Hall has been destroyed you should be in a good position to get 3 Stars. It’s all about judgement now and knowing when to send in your Bats! Timing is key, too early and they’ll all die, too late and....well, it’s too late!

    You should ideally still have 2 Freeze spells left and all of your Bat Spells. Your worst enemies defence wise as Multi Target Infernos and Wizard Towers. If you can, wait until your army is in a position to take a couple more of these defences out before using the spells, but it’s all about reacting to the situation and deciding when it’s good to go, you’ll learn this in time.

    Stage 4: 3 Stars

    Victory achieved, you can bathe in your awesomeness.


    This is an extremely easy to use and fun strategy that is highly effective. It requires little planning and means you don’t really have to worry about funneling. You can expect to 3 Star many opponents and the attack strategy works well on typical Trophy/Legend League bases. Practice makes perfect however and the most important points are taking down the Town Hall and timely Bat Spell deployment.


    The strategy is a little one dimensional and if you come up against typical Anti 3 Star bases with the Town Hall located on the outside then you might struggle, you can always swop out a Rage Spell for a Jump Spell however. Also if you fail to get the Wall Wrecker to the Town Hal and take it down then you’ll be in danger of getting just 1 Star, but this is the same for any attack strategy.


    If you’re like me (Sir Moose) and struggle with more complicated attack strategies then this could work for you. I find it a fun yet amazingly effective TH12 attack strategy that consistently brings in 3 Stars! Practice makes perfect remember...remember to practice your FUNNELING!

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