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TH 14: Queen Charge LaLo | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    TH 14: Queen Charge LaLo

    Army Composition

    Main Army

    • 17x Balloons
    • 5x Healers
    • 9x Minions
    • 4x Super Wall Breakers
    • 2x Lava Hounds
    • 2x Headhunters
    • 2x Wizards
    • 1x Ice Golem


    Clan Castle

    Planning your attack

    1(2021-06-queen-charge-lalo-02.jpg) Attack Strategies

    This time we are attacking a very common Town Hall 14 layout: a square base with Town Hall exposed on top protected by the Clan Castle and X-Bows. On some bases, it also has Hidden Teslas around.

    Before starting the attack, it's also important to check Air Sweepers positions and multi-target Inferno Tower positions, as both can ruin your Queen Charge. If the Inferno Towers are not on multi-target, you can easily destroy them with Balloons.

    Step 1: Take Out Heroes and Clan Castle Troops

    On this attack, the Clan Castle is at the top side, so lure them out with some Wizards.

    Now let's start the attack on the bottom with the Archer Queen near Eagle Artillery. You can test for Seeking Air Mines with a single Baloon, and then release Healers to protect the Archer Queen.

    Once the enemy's Clan Castle troops reach the other side, you can use Freeze Spell and Poison Spell simultaneously to support your troops.

    Use Super WallBreaker to provide access to the Heroes and Eagle Artirelly compartment.

    Use Rage Spell for the Archer Queen and Headhunters to kill enemy Heroes. At this point, Clan Castle troops, Heroes, and Eagle Artillery should be are eliminated.

    Step 2: Heroes

    The next step in this attack is to release Ice Golem, Barbarian King, and Royal Champion to take out a big chunk of the base.

    The purpose of Heroes is to take down as many defenses as possible. Here they took down a Scattershot and a multi-target Inferno Tower along with other defenses.

    Step 3: Balloons

    The main attack starts now with the Ballons. Make sure the Heroes have made a clear path for the Ballons to follow.

    Deploy Lava Hound to test for Seeking Air Mines and to protect the balloons from Air Defenses.

    Target defenses with 2-3 Balloons each and deploy Grand Warden right behind them to protect with Eternal Tome ability from high DPS areas like Air defenses, Wizard Towers, and X-bows.

    Since Balloons are slow-moving units, use Haste Spell to speed up the attack and Freeze Spells for multi-target Infernos and Scattershots to protect them from additional damage.

    Balloons cannot target non-defensive buildings, so as soon as the main attack starts, use Minions to destroy them.

    Step 4: Battle Blimp

    Since the Town Hall is at the top, we can use Battle Blimp along with the main attack. To destroy the Town Hall, rage up the Yetis.

    The primary purpose of the Battle Blimp is to take out the Town Hall. If Archer Queen destroys the Town Hall, use Battle Blimp on crucial defenses like Eagle Artillery or Scattershots.

    Step 5: 100%

    The Queen charge might take up most of the time, so make sure you start the attack at least before 1 minute 15 seconds to avoid time fail issues.


    It is one of the best attacks for Town Hall 14 and Clan War Leagues, Legend League, and also Clan Wars. But analyzing the base and planning before attacking usually results in three-star attacks.


    Not everyone can pull off this strategy. If the Queen charge and Blimp fails, you might end up with a one-star at best.


    With enough practice and patience, this strategy can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal. But managing so many things can be complicated for many, making it a pro attack.

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