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Haste Spell | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Haste Spell

    Put some hustle in even your heaviest units!\n\nHaste Spells lack the damage boost of Rage Spells, but provide an even better boost to movement speed. A lower storage space also allows you to take more of them into battle!

    The Haste Spell is a Dark Elixir spell unlocked by upgrading the Dark Spell Factory to level 3, which requires a Town Hall level 9.

    This spell was introduced on the July 2015 update with the Dark Spell Factory, so it's one of the three original Dark Spells, among with the Earthquake and Poison spells.

    Haste Spell Explained

    The Haste Spell creates a 4 tiles radius ring that drastically increases the movement speed of the troops inside.

    This spell uses one housing space, just as all Dark Elixir spells.

    The boost affects only the movement speed, not the attack speed, so using on slow attacking troops will not make them attack faster, but will make them get to the target faster.

    Stacking Haste Spells

    Using multiple Haste Spell doesn't stack the movement increase, so it is a waste of spell.

    However, it can be used with the Rage spell, which also increases the movement speed. However, this use is not really recommended because the troops might leave from the affected area way too fast, wasting part of the spell.

    Upgrade Differences

    Upgrading the Haste Spell increases its duration and speed boost on troops.

    Rage Spell vs Haste Spell

    Rage Spell and Haste Spell have some similarities, but their quite simple to find the perfect spell to your troop formation.

    • The Haste Spell affects a smaller area (4 tiles) and increases the troop speed up to 52. It uses only 1 housing space.
    • The Rage Spell increases the damage, has a slightly bigger radius (5 tiles), and increases the speed up to 30. However, it uses 2 housing spaces.

    With a smaller housing space, you can take 2 Haste Spells in the place of 1 Rage Spell, so you should use it when you only want more speed and the damage boost is not that important. This happens when you use very powerful troops that are slow: Balloons and Dragons.

    Mass Balloons is probably the most common use of Haste Spell: the Rage damage boost will not change much as Balloons are already powerful enough to take down most buildings with a single hit, so all you really need is the speed boost.

    How to Use the Haste Spell

    The Haste spell is used mostly on attacks using mass troops with slow movements, such as Balloons, Dragons, and Electro Dragons.

    This spell works great on P.E.K.K.As, but since we don't really see mass P.E.K.K.As attacks anymore, the use of Haste Spell on them is quite rare.

    The same problem with Baby Dragons. It works great on them, but we can't use mass Baby Dragons because they need to be alone to use their "enraged" ability.

    The speed boost is very significant, so always place the spell considering the direction the troops are going, otherwise they will leave the affected area very fast.

    It is very effective against Air Sweepers. As the defense moves the troops aways from the targets, the Haste Spell helps them to get back to their original position really fast. It is even more important with Electro Dragons that can be completely unutilized due to their slow movement speed.


    ChargingTimeMSDonate CostHousing SpaceRadiusRandomRadiusSpellForgeLevelTraining TimeUpgrade Resource

    Upgrade Stats

    LevelHitTimeMSChargingTimeMSLaboratory LevelUpgrade Cost

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