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Earthquake Spell | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Earthquake Spell

    Weaken walls and buildings with crippling earthquakes!\n\nEarthquake Spells damage structures based on their maximum hitpoints. Repeated earthquakes deal decreasing damage to the same buildings, but increasing damage to the same Walls. No wall can withstand the might of four Earthquake Spells!

    The Earthquake is a Dark Elixir spell unlocked by upgrading the Dark Spell Factory to level 2, which requires a Town Hall level 8.

    This spell was introduced on the July 2015 update with the Dark Spell Factory, so it's one of the three original Dark Spells, among with the Haste and Poison spells.

    Earthquake Spell Explained

    This spell produces an earthquake that damages all buildings within its radius.

    The damage is calculated in percentage, not in total hitpoints.

    This spell has a preferred target: walls. 4 Earthquake Spells will always destroy any wall, regardless of the level of the spell or walls.

    This spell uses one housing space, just as all Dark Elixir spells.

    Stacking Earthquake Spells

    Earthquake spells can be stacked to make additional damage, but because of the way the damage is calculated, the additional spells will always make less damage.

    For example, a level 4 spell will make 25% of damage in a building. The second spell will also make 25% considering the amount of health left on the building.

    For this reason, the second spell will do 1/3 the damage of the first spell, the third will do 1/5, the fourth will do 1/7, and so on.

    Following this system, it's easy to understand why you will never be able to destroy any building using only Earthquakes. This is why players use the Lightning Spell to "finish" them after being severely damaged by the Earthquakes. This tactic is called ZapQuake.

    The exception is Walls, where 4 Earthquakes will always destroy them, regardless of the spell and Wall level.

    Earthquake Spells vs Resource Buildings

    This spell affects all buildings, except Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, and Dark Elixir Storages.

    This change was done to prevent an extremely annoying "lazy farm" where the attack consisted only in dropping Earthquake Spells to steal resources.

    Even though the Town Hall is now considered a resource building, he will take damage and the Town Hall 12 will activate its Giga Tesla. However, you will not steal any resources.

    Upgrade Differences

    Upgrading this spell increases its radius and damage.

    The radius increase is especially important if you want to destroy walls the make a clear path to the core of the village on ground attacks. Just be careful to not cause damage to a Town Hall level 12 as you will activate its Giga Tesla too early.

    How to Use the Earthquake Spell

    Earthquake Spells are used to open big wall gaps, to destroy buildings combined with the Lightning Spell (Zap and to activate the Town Hal 12 Giga Tesla).

    Combined with Lightning Spell, the Earthquake Spell can be used to take down defenses on a tactic called ZapQuake. First, the Earthquake makes a huge percentage of damage, and then the Lightning take them down.

    Earthquakes can also be used to activate the Town Hall Giga Tesla early on the battle. This might be important on attacks using troops with a preferred target of defenses. For example, Balloons and Hog Riders will not attack the Town Hall until the Giga Tesla is activated and it becomes a defensive building. Depending on your strategy, it might be a good idea to activate the Giga Tesla to take down the Town Hall earlier on the battle, instead of waiting to reach 50% of destruction.

    But the most common use of Earthquakes is to destroy walls open huge gaps in the village, creating a clear path to the core.

    Attack Strategies

    • TH 13: ZapQuake + Hogs + Miners


    ChargingTimeMSDonate CostHousing SpaceRadiusRandomRadiusSpellForgeLevelTraining TimeUpgrade Resource

    Upgrade Stats

    LevelHitTimeMSChargingTimeMSLaboratory LevelUpgrade Cost

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