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Skeleton Spell | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Skeleton Spell

    Summon an army of Skeletons anywhere on the battlefield!\n\nPut a few extra swords when and where you need them most. Skeletons do not trigger traps.

    The Skeleton Spell is a Dark Elixir Spell unlocked by upgrading the Dark Spell Factory to level 4, which requires a Town Hall level 9.

    This spell was introduced in the May 24th, 2016 update, being first Dark Spell added after the original release of the Dark Spell Factory.

    Skeleton Spell Explained

    The Skeleton Spell spawns several Skeletons over time on the battlefield.

    Skeletons are fast, low health troops that don't have a preferred target. They will always attack the closest building.

    Skeletons, like the Bats, no longer trigger traps.

    This spell uses one housing space, just as all Dark Elixir spells.

    Stacking Skeleton Spells

    Stacking Skeletons Spells is possible commonly used.

    Using many Skeleton Spells at the same time increases the spawning rate of Skeletons. Since it has a housing space of only one, you can replace two Rage Spells with four Skeleton Spells and flood the battlefield with many, many Skeletons.

    Upgrading Skeleton Spells

    Upgrading the Skeleton Spell only increases the number of Skeletons spawned.

    The damage and health of the Skeletons remain the same.

    How to Use the Skeleton Spell

    This spell can be deployed on any part of the map, so it's possible to drop on the top of a single-target Inferno Tower to create a distraction. However, Freeze Spell can do a better job at this.

    When using troops that target defenses only - especially Hog Riders - the Skeleton Spell can be used to lure and kill some defense troops, such as skeletons from traps, and distract the Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

    When using mass Balloons or mass Hog Riders - attacks that target defenses only - the Skeleton Spell can be used to destroy the buildings left behind.


    Donate CostHousing SpaceRadiusRandomRadiusSpellForgeLevelTraining TimeUpgrade Resource

    Upgrade Stats

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