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Clan Wars | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Clan Wars

    Clan War is a game mode where you will battle against another Clan. It’s a separated game, just as the Single Player is different from the Multiplayer, but on this case you can create a new layout, a different base only for the war.

    The Battle is divided in 2 parts: Day 1, "Preparation Day", and Day 2, "Battle Day".

    Starting a War

    Leaders and Co-Leaders can take their clan to war by opening the "Clan Wars" screen and pressing the "Start War" button. This will start the search for an opponent and you will be able to see the size of the Clan War you are being matched for (e.g. 15 vs 15).

    This process can take several minutes, so it’s crucial that you don’t cancel, just wait. You can close the matchmaking screen and go back to the game. The Clan War will start immediately after an opponent clan has been found.

    Clan Size

    The only requirement is that a Clan must have at least 5 members eligible for War. The battle will always be against a Clan with the same number of members than your Clan.

    5 vs 5 members is the smallest possible team size for a Clan War. Other possible team sizes are: 15 vs 15, 20 vs 20, 25 vs 25, 30 vs 30, 40 vs 40 and 50 vs 50.

    For this reason, if your have 28 members ready to participate the war you will have to manually remove 3 members to match the size of 25.


    After a Leader or Co-Leader presses the "Start War" button you are free to leave, join other clans and return to the clan and continue participating in the Clan War. Your War base will remain in the War map even if you leave, so leaving a clan will not affect an ongoing war.

    However, you cannot participate in more than one Clan War at a time. If you leave a clan while participating in a Clan War, you will not be able to participate in any other Clan War until that previous war has ended.

    Other players will be able to see that you are still part of an unfinished War by checking your profile. You will be marked as ineligible for War until the previous Clan War has concluded.


    Unlike the regular multiplayer, it’s not about trophies this time. The game calculates how "strong" the villages on your clan are and then looks for a clan similar to yours, so the battle should be always even.

    This is not as easy as finding a village with similar Trophies, so the matchmaking can take longer. Fortunately, there is no need to wait in the Clan Wars screen. You can close the screen with the red "X" button and you will be notified when an opposing clan has been found.

    Another difference from multiplayer: you can’t choose your opponent, you can’t skip. As soon as the game finds a Clan similar to yours, the Preparation Day begins.

    Over time many techniques were created by the clashers to take legally advantage of this system. Town Hall 8.5/9.5, defenseless bases and adding a couple of very weak bases can help to get an easier war, but they are no longer really usefull.

    Day 1: Preparation Day

    As soon as the game finds a clan to fight with, the war map will be available and you have 23 hours to get ready for the war.

    War Map

    On this map you can see all villages from your clan and the enemy Clan. All users must understand that the war base if not your home base. They are different bases and you will understand why on this walkthrough.

    A cool thing is that the map is that the bases are ordered from highest to lowest strength, so you can see is the strongest player on your Clan.

    On this day you basically must do three things:


    On the war map you can donate troops to your clan mates castle. These troops will be used only to defend your base during War, they will defend your war base.

    Please note that you don’t have to donate again after your war base is attacked, they will regenerate by itself. If you get 2 attacks during War, the clan troops will defend you in both.

    Please ask for the clans rules before donating and asking troops on the war map. Each clan might a favorite troop and minimum level required to donate.

    It’s not recommended to fill all CC with the same troops. This kills the "surprise element" as the enemy clan will realize all Clan Castles have the same troops after a few battles.


    During War you don’t want to lose any easy stars, so all clan members must protect their Town Hall.

    Farmers must do this on the Preparation Day. Once the war starts you can no longer change your village.

    Fun fact: the enemy layouts you see on the Preparation Day are not the actual layouts that will be used on the war. This change was done when Friendly Matches were added to game. Since it was possible to see the enemy layout, you could ask a friend to copy and train attacks as many times as you wanted.

    Create Rules for Your Clan

    Winning a Clan War is a team work, so take the preparation day create rules and to send instructions to all clan members.

    For Clan War tips check the "Clan Wars: Tactics" page on the Strategy Guide.

    23 Hours Day

    The "Day 1" used to be 24 hours, but was reduced to only 23 hours to make help clans that make non-stop wars.

    With this change when the war is over the clans have one extra hour to kick players, choose members and find a new war, while still being able to always start the war at the same time as the previous one.

    With a 24 hours "Day 1" this was not possible and eventually the clan had to skip one day, or the war would start too late at night.

    "Day 2" was not affected and still has 24 hours.

    Day 2: Battle Day


    This time, the battle is not about Trophies or resources, it’s all about stars. The clan that gets more stars wins.

    Each base can lose only 3 stars. One when the Town Hall is destroyed, one when you get 50%, and the last one when you get 100%.

    Each member can make 2 attacks during war, so each player can win up to 6 stars.


    Even though you have a war base, you will make your troops as you always do, at your home base.

    Prepare your troops, Heroes and spells. Make sure to get Clan Castle troops on your home base, because the troops you got at the war base are only to defend your war base.

    Upgrading Defenses

    During war, all your builders go back home and take a break. They will keep working on your home base, but at the war base all your defenses will be working. This means you don’t have to worry about upgrading Inferno Towers and X-Bows during War, they will work anyway.

    Heroes will be awake as well, even if you are upgrading. But remember, they will be awake only at your war base to defend! They will not be available on your home base, so unfortunately you can’t use them to attack. This is a major complain from Clashers, but I don’t think Supercell will ever let upgrading Heroes to be used on War attacks. :(

    Reload Defenses

    During War, the defenses in your War Base will always be automatically reloaded. This means the Inferno Tower and X-Bow will not dry and you don’t have to worry about them.

    Traps will always be automatically re-armed for free and heroes will always be awake. It’s war, there is no time to sleep. :)


    Since the war is a different game mode, the shield on your home base is not affected. You will not lose it by attacking someone at the war map and it will not protect you as well from being attacked on the war.

    War Loot

    The regular loot that you must "steal" during battle.

    There is always a small amount of resources available inside the storages. This loot is delivered to your storages immediately, just like the multiplayer attacks. However, the amount of loot in these storages is fixed, and will always be much lower than the war win bonus.

    Fun fact: this loot stolen from the enemy don’t actually comes from the enemy player. It’s provided by the game just to have something there to steal. So don’t worry, there is no way you can lose resources on Clan War.

    War Win Loot (Bonus Loot)

    Similar to the League Bonus. You get when you win a battle. The percentage of destruction and how many stars you get is not taken into consideration. You get 100% of the bonus every time you win a battle (at least 1 star).

    Different bases are worth different amounts of bonus loot. The higher the defensive strength of the war base, the higher will be the bonus.

    You can see the amount of bonus loot an enemy War Base is worth by tapping on it in the war map during battle day.

    This bonus is accumulated (from the 2 attacks you have) and you can only collect when the War is over.

    If you win the War, that’s your prize! The amount of Gold can be over 1 million, depending on your attacks.

    If you lose the War you will only get 1/3 of it.

    The bonus is delivered to the Clan Castle (Treasury). Make sure you have enough room for the loot, if the Treasury gets full the new resources will be lost.

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