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Ores | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    Ores are a type of resource available on the Clash of Clans Home Village. It was introduced on the 2023 Christmas Update with the Hero Hero Equipment.

    Ores Explained

    Ores are primarily used for upgrading Hero Hero Equipment through the Blacksmith.

    These resources are essential for enhancing the abilities of your heroes, making them more effective in battles.

    Types of Ores

    There are different types of Ores, each with its unique purpose and method of acquisition:

    Shiny Ore

    Commonly used for the initial levels of equipment upgrades. It's the most basic form of Ore and relatively easier to accumulate.

    Glowy Ore

    Required for mid-level equipment upgrades. It's less common than Shiny Ore and is used for more significant enhancements.

    Starry Ore

    The rarest and most valuable type of Ore, used for high-level equipment upgrades. Starry Ore is essential for maximizing the potential of your hero equipment.

    Upgrade Priority

    Given the varying rarity of Ores, it’s important to prioritize which hero equipment to upgrade. Focus on equipment that aligns with your current strategy and the challenges you face in battles.

    Resource Management

    Balance the use of Ores between different heroes and equipment. Spreading upgrades across multiple heroes can be more beneficial than focusing all resources on a single hero.

    Storage and Capacity

    The capacity to store Ores is tied to the level of your Blacksmith. As you upgrade the Blacksmith, your storage capacity for Ores increases, allowing you to accumulate more for future upgrades.

    Obtaining Ores

    Star Bonut

    Completing your daily Star Bonus in the Home Village is a consistent way to earn Ores. The amount and type of Ore depend on your performance and league level.

    LeagueShiny Ore RewardGlowy Ore Reward
    Bronze III1256
    Bronze II1757
    Bronze I1758
    Silver III2009
    Silver II25010
    Silver I27511
    Gold III30012
    Gold II32514
    Gold I35016
    Crystal III37518
    Crystal II40020
    Crystal I42522
    Master III45024
    Master II50026
    Master I52528
    Champion III55030
    Champion II62534
    Champion I70038
    Titan III77542
    Titan II85046
    Titan I92550

    Clan Wars

    Clan Wars Participation: Participating in Clan Wars can yield Ores as rewards. Success in wars may lead to greater quantities of Ores, including the rarer types.

    Town Hall LevelMax Available Shiny OreMax Available Glowy OreMax Available Starry Ore


    Trader: The Trader in the game occasionally offers Ores for sale. This can be a quick way to obtain Ores, especially if you're looking for specific types.


    In-game Shop: Ores can also be purchased directly from the in-game shop. This method usually requires the use of gems or real money.

    • 1 Shiny Ore costs 1 Gem;
    • 1 Glowy Ore costs 5 Gems;
    • 1 Starry Ore costs 35 Gems.

    Special Events

    Special Events and Challenges: Keep an eye out for special events and challenges in the game. These can often provide opportunities to earn additional Ores.

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