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Blacksmith | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    Bring the right magical ores here and your heroes' equipment can be upgraded to be even mightier! The smoke from the furnace helps make delicious, if unhealthy, brisket.

    The Blacksmith is an Army Building on the Clash of Clans Home Village, introduced as part of the Hero Equipment feature. Unlocked on Town Hall 8, it was introduced on the 2023 Christmas Update.

    Unlocking and Accessing the Blacksmith

    The Blacksmith becomes available when a player reaches Town Hall 8.

    The primary function of the Blacksmith is to allow players to access, upgrade, and manage the equipment for their heroes.

    Upgrading the Blacksmith

    The level of the Blacksmith is tied to your Town Hall level. As you upgrade your Town Hall, more options for upgrading the Blacksmith become available.

    Each time you upgrade the Blacksmith, new Hero Equipment items are unlocked, providing more options to enhance your heroes.

    Using the Blacksmith

    Inside the Blacksmith, players can view all available equipment for each hero. This includes details on the abilities of each equipment piece and its current level.

    Players use Ores (Shiny, Glowy, and Starry ores) to upgrade Hero Equipment. Upgrades can improve the effectiveness of the equipment’s abilities.

    Strategic Importance

    Tailoring Hero Abilities: The Blacksmith enables players to tailor their heroes’ abilities to suit their battle strategies and specific scenarios they face in the game.

    As players progress through Town Hall levels, the Blacksmith allows for continuous improvement and adaptation of heroes, keeping them effective against increasingly challenging opponents.

    Hero Boost Potions

    It's important to remember that Hero Boost Potions do not affect the stats or abilities of equipment managed through the Blacksmith.

    Strategic Upgrades

    Prioritize upgrading equipment that aligns with your overall strategy and the specific challenges of your current opponents in the game.


    LevelEquipment UnlockedShiny Ore CapacityGlowy Ore CapacityStarry Ore Capacity
    1Earthquake Boots10,0001,000200
    2Giant Arrow15,0001,500300
    4Rage Gem25,0002,500500
    5Healer Puppet30,0003,000600
    6Healing Tome35,0003,500700

    Town Hall Level

    Number Available-------111111111


    Build ResourceBuilding Type



    Upgrade Stats

    LevelBuild CostBuild TimeHitpointsTown Hall Level

    Upgrade Images

    Level 1-2

    Level 1-2

    Level 3-4

    Level 3-4

    Level 5-6

    Level 5-6

    Level 7-8

    Level 7-8

    Level 9

    Level 9

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