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Builders | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    "Nothing gets done around here without Builders! You can hire more Builders to start multiple construction projects, or speed up their work by using green gems."

    Builders live on the Builder's Hut and are the ones that actually build and upgrade all structures on the game.


    A free builder is required to build and upgrade Buildings, Walls, Heroes and to remove obstacles. Traps can be placed without a free builder, but they are required to upgrade thme.

    Each Builder can work on a single building at a time, that's why unlocking more builders are so important.

    Unlocking all Builders

    The first builder is unlocked for free during the tutorial. The second one is also unlocked on the tutorial, costs 250 Gems but these Gems are provided by the game. Extra builders can be unlocked using Gems:

    Build Cost (first):N/A
    Build Cost (second):250 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)
    Build Cost (third):500 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)
    Build Cost (fourth):1,000 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)
    Build Cost (fifth):2,000 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)

    Unlocking all 5 builders is very important to progress faster on the game, so it's highly recommended to save all possible Gems to unlock them as soon as possible. By doing this, you should be able to get the 5th builder at TH9 or earlier. This increases your building speed dramatically.

    Unlocking the 6th Builder

    Besides the 5 builders you can unlock by playing the game and spending Gems, there is an extra builder that can be unlocked by playing on the Builder Base village.

    Once you reach Builder Hall level 9, you can build O.T.T.O's Hut. When you upgrade it to level 5 a second builder will be added to the Builder Base, O.T.T.O. With an extra builder over there the Master Builders will be able to travel to the Home Village and work as a regular builder there.

    For a complete tutorial check the O.T.T.O page.

    Builder Management

    When you are about to start a new upgrade it's always important to check when it is going to be finished. With constructions taking up to 17 days and 6 builders available, it's a good idea to plan ahead and finish one buildings every 2 or 3 days, so you have enough time to raid for resources and keep them busy all the time.

    Special Perks from the Season Challenges affect the cost and time of the upgrades when they are started. When the Season is over and you lose the Perks the time left of the upgrades will not be increased.

    If you are a heavy farmer ou you are about to receive the resources from the Season Bank (from Season Challenges), it's also important to always keep a free builder to upgrade walls and spend the resources.

    Hut Placement

    The Builder Hut has only 250 HP and can't defend the village, but all buildings on the game have the same percentage, so its placement can be important to prevent the enemy from getting 50% or 100%.

    If you want to prevent the enemy from getting 50%, you must place the Huts inside the walls. They are useful to close gaps.

    If you want to prevent 100%, sometimes it's a great tactic to place them on the corners. Specially against Hog Riders and Miners, the enemy might run out of time destroy huts on all 4 corners of the village.

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