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    O.T.T.O Explained: How to Unlock an extra builder on Builder Base and Home Village!

    "Home and charging dock for Master Builder's latest invention! Once fully upgraded, O.T.T.O becomes an additional builder in Builder Base and enables the Master Builder to freely travel between the two villages!"

    O.T.T.O is the Master Builder latest invention, a new builder available on the Builder Base.

    Once you have unlocked O.T.T.O he will become a second builder on the Builder Base. With 2 builders on the Builder Base, you will be able to choose if the Master Builder stays on the Builder Base (so you can use 2 builders there) or move him to the Home Village (bringing to max builders up to 6).

    How to Unlock O.T.T.O

    To unlock O.T.T.O you must have a level 5 O.T.T.O Hut, which requires a Builder Hall level 9.

    This upgrade is not done with resources, all you have to do is to complete tasks on your village:

    Level 1
    Build O.T.T.O's Hut.
    Level 2
    Gear Up all 3 defenses on your Home Village: Cannon, Archer Tower and Mortar.
    Level 3
    Upgrade Cannon Cart to level 18.
    Level 4
    Upgrade Mega Tesla to level 9.
    Level 5
    Upgrade Battle Machine to level 30.

    These tasks are not particularly difficult to complete, however, it will take some time. You basically must have a high level Builder Hall 9. The Battle Machine takes the most time, so start as soon as possible.

    Once you reach level 5, O.T.T.O will be unlocked and will work as a second builder. With a second builder available, the Master Builder will be able to travel to the Home Base.

    How to Make Master Builder Travel

    With an extra builder, the Master Builder will finally be able to travel without issues to the Main Village and work as a regular builder over there, becoming the 6th builder of the Home Village.

    However, to be able to travel to your Main Village you must first place the Master Builder Hut on your Home Village:

    Well, now it's done! Now you can travel the Master Builder to your Home Village!

    You can bring the Master Builder back to your Builder Base at any time, as long as you are not using all builders at the same time on your Home Village.

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