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TH 13: ZapQuake + Hogs + Miners | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    TH 13: ZapQuake + Hogs + Miners

    Hello Clashers! Let's take a closer look on this very popular Pro Attack, Hog + Miners!

    On this attack, we are also using the new Lightning Spell to take the Clan Castle and some defenses down, the famous ZapQuake!

    Army Composition

    Main Army

    • 5x Healers
    • 17x Miners
    • 11x Hog Riders
    • 3x Balloons
    • 1x Baby Dragon
    • 2x Super Wall Breaker or 7x Wall Breakers
    • + Complete with Wizards and Archers to help cleaning the base


    Clan Castle

    The Village

    Step 1: ZapQuake

    Hog Riders have a preferred target of defenses, so they will not attack other buildings or Clan Castle troops, and Miners can only attack ground units. For this reason, you always have to plan your attack ahead and look for a way to prevent Heroes and Clan Castle troops from killing all your Hogs easily.

    On this specific layout, the Clan Castle and some important defenses are close together, so we can easily ZapQuake all of them with the new Lightning Spell.

    To take the Clan Castle, 2x X-Bows, and the Eagle Artillery, we used 7x Lightning Spells + 1x Earthquake Spell.

    Step 2: Queen Walk

    With the Queen Walk always try to take down Clan Castle troops and Heroes. On this attack, the Clan Castle has already been destroyed, but we still have the Heroes.

    Start the Queen Walk using all Healers. Use Baby Dragon and/or Balloons to search for Seeking Air Mines and to force the Queen to go in the right direction. If necessary, use Wall Breakers to create a path to the Queen.

    On this attack, the idea was to move the Queen down, taking the Inferno Tower and later the enemy Archer Queen.

    It's important to save the Queen Ability, so if need use Rage Spell on the Healers if she is about to die, or the Freeze Spell to stop a single Inferno Tower.

    Step 3: Siege Barrack + Main Attack

    With the Archer Queen heading to the Town Hall (and killing the defense Archer Queen on this attack), use the Siege Barrack on the bottom the clear to create a clear path for the main attack.

    It is important to wait for the P.E.K.K.A and the Wizards to leave the Siege Barrack. This will clear the buildings outside the walls and create a path for the Hog Riders and Miners.

    Once the path is clear and all the Siege Barrack wizards are about to leave, it's time to start the main attack.

    The best order to release the troops is Miners, Grand Warden, Hog Riders, and Royal Champion.

    Step 4: Grand Warden Ability

    Now it's time to use the Grand Warden Eternal Tome on the right time, and there are two very important things you must take into consideration:

    • Hog Riders are fast and they will leave the Grand Warden's range pretty fast, so use his ability while all troops are within its range.
    • The Town Hall 12 and 13 explodes upon destruction, so you must have to Eternal Tome activated when this happens.

    So plan your attack to have all troops close to the Grand Warden when they reach the Town Hall. This way you can save the troops from the Town Hall explosion and protect as many troops as possible as they are still close together.

    When the troops get close to strong defenses such as Scattershot, Multi Inferno Tower, Wizard Tower, or double Giant Bombs, use the Healing Spell to keep them alive.

    Step 5: 100%

    Now you can sit and watch the Hogs and Miners destroying the entire village!

    Since Hogs and Miners target defenses, use Archers and Wirzads to destroy the buildings left behind.


    This attack combination is not that complicated and doesn't need high skills for the Queen Walk.

    It is also quite safe and with low risk of failing, so it can be used on Legend League where you can't change your army prior to the attack.


    Villages with the Town Hall in the middle of the village might create you some trouble, as you will not be able to use the Grand Warden's ability to affect all troops in the beginning.

    In these villages, you might also have some trouble directing all troops towards the Town Hall. If you take too long to get there, the Giga Inferno will make things harder for you and probably prevent a 3-Star attack.


    This strategy with 7 Lightning Spells is quite popular right now and being used in Clan Wars and Legend League, so give it try. With a little practice, you can start to 3-Star maxed villages too!

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