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TH 14: Dragon Rider Strategy | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    TH 14: Dragon Rider Strategy

    Army Composition

    Main Army


    Clan Castle

    Planning Your Attack

    This base is similar to the common island base we see in Clan Wars and Legend League. The Townhall is on at the top, protected by Clan Castle and X-Bows.

    For Dragons and Dragon Riders, you must make a straight and clear path to the center of the base. Otherwise, they will spread out in various directions.

    Try to take out the enemy heroes, mainly Archer Queen and Royal Champion, because Dragon Riders cannot target Heroes and might end up taking more damage, so don’t neglect them.

    In this strategy, you don’t need to worry about Clan Castle troops because the dragons can finish them.

    Step 1:Zap the defenses

    Use Lightning Spells and Earthquake to take out crucial defenses like Inferno Tower, XBows, Scattershot, etc. In this case, it is one Inferno Tower and two Xbows.

    Use the above spells on the defenses quickly if the Builder Huts are nearby; they will heal those defenses if the spell placement is late.

    Step 2: Deploy Heroes For Funneling

    Use Royal Champion to destroy the remaining defenses and buildings where Lightning Spells and Earthquake spells are used.

    Deploy Barbarian King and Archer Queen on the other side of the base to make a path for the main troops.

    Step 3: Dragons and Dragon Riders

    After clearing both sides of the base, release the Dragons, Balloons, Dragon Riders, and Grand Warden. Place a Rage Spell to boost their attack and movement speed, which helps them move forward to the center of the enemy base.

    Send the Battle Blimp along with the Dragons and Dragon Riders and use the Grand Warden’s ability to protect the Battle Blimp and the rest of the troops from heavy damage in the core.

    Once the Battle Blimp reaches Town Hall, rage up the Clan Castle troops - Balloons and the Dragon will destroy the Town Hall.

    Once the Town Hall is destroyed, let the Dragons and Dragon Riders do their work.

    Use Freeze Spells as and when required on single Inferno Towers, Scattershot’s, and high DPS defenses to minimize the damage. Use the Poison Spell to aid the dragons in clearing the enemy Clan Castle troops.

    Pro Tip: Don’t charge into Town Hall with your main troops because Giga Inferno’s Poison will slow down and kill the troops, ruining the attack. Always try to start the attack from the opposite side of the Town Hall.

    Step 4: 100%

    Execute the above steps correctly, and you can three-star any square base with ease.


    After the update for Dragon Riders, this strategy is gaining popularity among Town Hall 14 players. It is an effective strategy that is easy to learn and implement for anyone.


    As Dragons are slow-moving troops in the game, Air Defense can kill them very fast. Unless you use the spells and Heroes wisely, you may end up with two stars.


    This strategy can crush most bases if you understand the Dragon Riders AI and use heroes and spells properly.

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