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Queen Walk | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Queen Walk

    Queen Walk is an Archer Queen strategy where before the actual attack the Queen is deployed with a few Healers behind, making her "immortal" for some time while she destroys a big chunk of the enemy village.

    Basic Formation

    The Concept

    Queen Walk is an essential strategy in the game and one of the best ways to make a "2-step" attack. This is not a complete attack, but a tactic that can be used with all formations, including most ground and air attacks.

    You have a few goals that can be achieved by using Queen Walk before your attack:

    • 1. Destroy part of the village before the activation of the Eagle Artillery.
    • 2. Destroy useless buildings outside the walls so you can funnel troops.
    • 3. Destroy essential defenses. If you are planning an air attack, you can take down one or even two Air Defenses.
    • 4. Destroy the Eagle Artillery. Difficult, but not impossible. On some layouts, you can destroy the Eagle before its activation using this strategy.
    • 5. Kill Clan Castle Troops and Heroes: If you are using an army that targets defenses (Hog Riders, Balloon), killing Clan Castle troops and the enemy's Archer Queen is a critical step.
    • 6. Destroy the Town Hall 12 or 13: these Town Halls have a strong defense inside, the Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno, and they can be mortal to regular troops. However, the Archer Queen with the help of the Healers can easily survive against them, making it possible to destroy the Town Hall before deploying the actual army.

    Basic Walkthrough

    Queen Walk is not hard to be explained, but it takes a while to make it right: you release her with Healers behind and be careful to keep them alive, the Healers and the Queen.

    To direct her to the important buildings, use Wall Breakers or Jump Spell.

    To boost the healing rate, use Rage Spell on them.

    Plan your attack and release the actual attack before the Queen dies, so she might survive the entire attack. Once all troops are deployed, they will create distractions to the defenses, giving more time for the Queen to be healed. Yes, she might survive the entire attack!

    You must be very careful and plan your attack in advance. What you must consider:

    listAir Defenses: they will destroy the Healers very fast. Unless the Queen directly destroys the AD, your attack might be ruined.

    Inferno Towers, Cannons, X-Bows, Scattershots: even with 6 Healers your Queen will have a hard time against them, so plan ahead and use Rage Spell.

    Eagle Artillery: don't worry about it. The Queen + Healers don't use enough army space to activate it.

    Clan Castle: watch for enemy troops. You can use the Queen to take Clan Castle troops out and kill them, but this can be dangerous. Balloons, for example, make the damage even when destroyed. Lava Hound will break and create Lava Pups, making the Queen lose a lot of time and be possibly killed by defenses./list

    Range Calculation

    Healers can be used with most strong troops on the game. Bowlers, Giants and even the Barbarian King. However, it's with the Archer Queen that this tactic really shines because of her big range of attack.

    There are some ranges that you must know:

    listAir Defense, Inferno Tower, Giga Tesla and Giga Inferno have a range of 10 tiles each

    Archer Queen and Healers have a range of 5 tiles each/list

    With the Healers and Archer Queen ranges combined, we have the same range of some popular defenses, making it possible to destroy them while keeping the Healers safe.

    5 Tiles Defenses

    Archer Queen will attack this defense

    When you start using Queen Walk you will easily figure out what defenses can be reached by the Archer Queen, and which ones won't.

    In this example, the Air Defense is 3 tiles away from the walls. With the wall, the defense is 4 tiles away from the Queen, so she will be able to destroy the Air Defense.

    6 Tiles Defenses

    Archer Queen will not attack the Air Defense, but the Air Defense will attack the Healers

    In this example, there are 2 layers of walls + 3 tiles. This Air Defense will not be attacked by the Queen, so you must use Wall Breakers to open the first layer of walls, otherwise, the Queen will keep walking and the Air Defense will eventually target the Healers.

    How to Use the Rage Spell

    Rage Spell is absolutely fantastic on Healers and highly recommended. They will boost the Archer Queen damage and the Healers healing, giving some extra time to destroy the defenses and postponing the use of her ability.

    Remember: the main focus of the Rage Spell is the Healers, not the Queen!

    So when releasing the spell think about the path the Queen will follow, otherwise the Healers might leave the spell area too fast and miss part of the boost.

    On the picture above you can see a well-placed Rage Spell: the spell is covering the Archer Queen and the Healers. As the Queen moves to the left and leaves the spell, the Healers will remain inside, boosting their healing for a long time.

    Pro Tips

    Eagle Artillery

    On Town Hall 11, always think about the Eagle Artillery. Think about the position in the village and how many troops you can deploy before the activation.

    With this defense, Supercell is pushing 2-step attacks and Queen Walk is a great way to do this. Do all the damage possible before the Eagle activation.

    Seeking Air Mine

    Seeking Air Mines are extremely dangerous to the Healers, as they can kill one Healer with a single mine.

    For this reason, always watch out for them. Minions don't trigger Seeking Air Mines, so you must use a bigger/stronger air troop. This is done usually with Ballons or Baby Dragons.

    A single Balloon uses 5 housing spaces, will fly towards the first defense and be killed fairly fast.

    Baby Dragon uses 10 housing spaces but might fly with the Archer Queen for a while as a support troop and search for the mines for a larger area.

    Both will be instantly killed if they activate a mine.

    Keep the Healers on the Queen

    Healers mighty target other ground troops that require healing, so even though they might lock on the Archer Queen once, they can still change the target and heal other troops.

    For this reason, it's not recommended to use certain support troops with Queen Walk: P.E.K.K.A, Barbarian King, Golem, Grand Warden, etc. They are strong troops that might lure the Healers, leaving the Queen alone to her death.

    Healers can't heal air troops, so if you want to give the Queen Walk a little boost you can use Baby Dragons. They will help the Queen to kill skeletons and Lava Pups while still searching for Seeking Air Mines.

    Air Sweeper

    The Air Sweeper can push the Healers away from the Queen, stoping the healing for a few seconds. This can be fatal to the Queen.

    Using Rage Spell on the Healers will make them move faster, decreasing the amount of time they can't heal the Queen after being pushed.

    Walkthrough Example

    On this screenshot we can see a well-planned and executed Queen Walk. The big problem here is the Air Defense with 5 tiles of distance from outside the wall. This defense is outside the range of the Queen Walk.

    There are a few things going on on this attack:

    • Bowlers were released on the top to clean the area and force the Queen to go down.
    • A single Baby Dragon was released to help the Queen and lure Seeking Air Mines.
    • Wall Breakers were released to break the first layer of walls.

    As a result, the Queen cleared up the area, remains with full health and all Healers are still alive.

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